Smolderweb Spider and Worg Pup

I was thrilled to find out these two pets were back in the game after the quests for them had been eliminated in Cataclysm.

The Smolderweb Spider now drops from Mother Smolderweb, and the Worg Pup drops from the Quartermaster.

So off went my Shaman to get her pets!  The run through this instance hasn’t changed except instead of going right down the hall towards Halycon, one goes left up the stairs to the Quartermaster.

Smolderweb Egg

Smolderweb Egg

Very easy to get through at level 83 since I could run through just about all the mobs and not aggro anything!

Worg Carrier

Worg Carrier

These are both “Blue” items now and are Bind on Pickup so if you’re after the pets and in a group, be prepared to roll.

Exalted with the Netherwing

I was also running my Shaman through the Netherwing dailies because she needs a nice drake to ride.  I hadn’t been too lucky finding Netherwing Eggs this time, but I managed to find enough to bump me into Exalted before long and purchase all the drakes.

On The Wings of Nether

On The Wings of Nether

I think one of the Guild perks is a boost to reputation so I suspect that is why the grind didn’t take as long as when I worked on this with my Hunter.

Onyx Netherwing Drake

Onyx Netherwing Drake

Computer Woes

Just before the weekend my fancy-dancy not-so-old laptop was running a Windows update and….well it didn’t quite make it.

Hooray for extended warrantees!  So back to the store it went where I was informed it would take at least two weeks (or more) to diagnose the problem and fix it (if it can be fixed.)

Naturally this happens when staring down the last panicked days of deadlines.  I had been thinking about purchasing a smaller, lighter laptop to haul around anyway as the one I had was more a “desktop replacement” than portable and weighed a ton.

Since this was as good a time as any, I shopped around and found one with not only suitable specifications, but with a 3D graphics card and shutter glasses!

My Master’s thesis was on digital stereographic imagery so this was like a kid finding a giant bowl of candy!  I already had a 3D digital camera and the graphics card software supports the .mpo files, so I have a complete, portable 3D studio (can’t adequately explain the thrill of this for an artist!)

I got everything set up and after the work priorities were back on track, the next big priority was installing World of Warcraft (two or more weeks without playing WoW?  yeah, right!)

The laptop specs did list a bunch of 3D games it supported but because I was more focused on catching up with the “work” aspect I didn’t pay much attention to the game stuff.

When WoW finally downloaded enough to be playable, I logged in and went to the Video settings – there was the Stereoscopic toggle.

OMG OMG – WoW in stereo?  Yes, and it worked beautifully – I was just blown away!  Even though the laptop doesn’t have the highest “gaming” specs of a desktop, it ran quite smooth.  Only issue is that the stereo image would “break” with water (probably flat plane.)  I haven’t tweaked all the setting yet but it’s not “game-breaking.”

The Ahn’Qiraj Experiment

I was kicking around with my Shaman doing dailies when a guildie asked if anyone was interested in a classic dungeon. I thought that would be fun so off we went to two-man Ahn’Qiraj.

A shadow priest and an under-geared shaman – two squishies – so I don’t have to tell you how that went.

Actually we were doing fairly well (survived the nasty waves of mobs)  but would get stomped by one of the bosses.  I don’t know what part we were in or whether it was the 10, 20 or 40 raid but we hit the wall.

Luckily a couple of other players decided to come along so we attempted to 4-man Ahn’Qiraj.

What started out as a casual, nothing-better-to-do adventure jumped up a few notches now that we had an experienced player who could provide strategies, give assignments and be the leader!

I had been so distracted with my new laptop’s 3D toys I hadn’t given much attention to any of it’s other features, so when the “raid” went on Vent I quickly downloaded the client and set it up.

My old laptop had a built-in microphone but I wasn’t sure what this new one had.  I could hear everyone but they couldn’t hear me so I assumed there wasn’t a built-in microphone.

Heck, I didn’t even have VuhDo completely set-up yet so there was a “panic” moment until I got my spells organized.

We failed miserably of course, but it gave me a little peek into what a real, well organized raid might be like and I surprised myself by actually enjoying it.

Yes, there were wipes (my armor was almost completely red) and I made mistakes.  There were some panic moments and many more fun moments that made me laugh.

At one point I disconnected but managed to log back in fast and I could hear on Vent “Loki’s down, Loki’s down.”

Our little two-man impromptu “should take about an hour” adventure didn’t end until 3:00 am.

Simply Epic.

Funniest part of all?  Since I was unable to talk on Vent everyone referred to my “female” character as “he” – I’m almost glad they didn’t know I wasn’t a “he” because my game performance was….ummm….way below the curve.

After it was over I checked the computer manual and the laptop does have a built-in microphone.  All one has to do is select the correct device….

I suspect I will never be a good enough player to join a real raid, but this experience gives me something to work towards – maybe in a year or two…..or three.

Thanks guys – it was the best!