Those Oracles sure have a good “scam” going selling eggs.

“Pssst!  You there – adventurer – yeah, you!  Want to spend a couple of gold and buy this egg? Maybe you’ll get a fancy mount or a lovely proto-drake whelp pet!”

What they don’t tell you is that the eggs are Tickbird eggs and you’ll wind up with enough Tickbird Hatchlings and White Tickbird Hatchlings to open your own aviary.

Sometimes you won’t even get a Tickbird to add to your growing collection – just a pile of stinky, Aged Yolk.

You would think with all the gold they must be raking in with the egg scam they would be living in castles that would make the King of Stormwind jealous instead of rickety huts, but maybe that’s part of the scam.

As heroic adventurers it is our sworn duty to help our allies, and we will gladly assist the Oracles in defeating their enemies and running a few daily errands for them.

But once we have proven ourselves and become Revered, they thank us by pulling out the egg scam.

And we fall for it.  Every time.

So….since the end of August my Priest has dutifully taken the long trip to purchase an egg once a week, and since Cataclysm, once every three days ever hoping for the elusive mount or the proto-drake pet.

This time I beat the Oracles at their own game and my Cracked Egg contained the Reins of the Green Proto-Drake.

Reins of the Green Proto-Drake

Reins of the Green Proto-Drake

Green Proto-Drake

Green Proto-Drake

So where did I fly to first on my beautiful Green Proto-Drake?  Back to the Oracles to buy another egg.

You never know, I just might get the Proto-Drake Whelp pet next….