The Nerf Bat

I was cruising through the forums trying to find a bit of information on how to play my Disc priest again as a healer (no luck yet) when I found this confession:

Sorry for the nerf…its my fault!

Imagine my relief when I read this, as I had already convinced myself that all the mess-ups in the Heals department were because of me.

I started the game rather late (yes, a Wrath-baby) as a Hunter but soon discovered that healing was a lot more interesting and fun than DPS.

So…who are the best healers in the game?

These masters of the healing arts keep their companions fighting far beyond their normal capacities with an array of restorative powers and blessings. The divine forces at the priest’s command can also be turned against foes, smiting them with holy fury.

Classes of World of Warcraft – Priest

Okay – what sold me was the “masters of the healing arts”, so I rolled a Priest.

I was just starting to do a few Wrath Heroics when the the pre-Cata changes were implemented and before I could catch up with what was going on, Cata hits.

We all know what happened next.

I was still interested in healing, so after a careful search of the healing class forums it appeared Shamans had escaped the “nerf bat” more unscathed than other classes.

So….I rolled a Shaman, and then…bam!  The nerf bat hits.

I was determined to be a healer and I wanted to try a Worgen character…..Druid Worgen!

I don’t have to tell you what happened next.

I was feeling a little paranoid – did Blizzard know what healer classes I wanted to play and was determined to scare me away?

But after the reading the above post, well…I was extremely relieved it wasn’t me!

Or was it?

A word of caution:  I’ve just rolled a Human Paladin.  She’s only level 8 right now, but this is your warning – the Nerf Bat is coming again and might be hitting just a little harder….

Love is in the Air

It’s almost over and the count so far:  empty bag, every single day.  I know, Justice Points but geez, at least put a Buttermilk Delight in there or something!  It doesn’t even have to be an Epic Buttermilk Delight!

On another sad note, I’m really going to miss the February “Valentine” version of the guild tabard.  I’ve actually grown quite fond of it…

Crits and Giggles Guild Tabard

Crits and Giggles Guild Tabard