Guild Fishing Contest

The guild fishing contest ended Sunday night – a big thanks to our GM and especially the contest organizer/official fish counter!

The guild caught enough fish (and more!) to get the That’s a Lot of Bait achievement and unlock the Recipe: Seafood Magnifique Feast.

The contest was a lot of fun because well, I like fishing and it was a great excuse to try and fish up the Sea Turtle, level up fishing and finish a few fishing achievements.

Fishing Achievements

Fishing Achievements

Alas, no Sea Turtle but I won the contest by fishing up about 3500 fish (yes, I have no life) and got some fantastic prizes including loot cards for fun items!

Path of Cenarius

Path of Cenarius

Path of Illidan

Path of Illidan

I do believe my most favorite loot card prize has to be the Sandbox Tiger – I mean really – how absolutely cute is that?

Sandbox Tiger

Sandbox Tiger

Although I would stop and fish pools I found along the way while doing quests and dailies, the best fishing spot was the Frozen Sea.  Lots of pools fairly close together with quick respawns – always a pool up for fishing!

I was out there fishing during the Kalu’ak Fishing Derby and actually caught my very first Blacktip Shark – okay, it was about an hour after the winner was announced but I turned it in for the “Better Luck Next Time” Prize of a Bag of Fishing Treasures and received – a Worthless Piece of Glass to add to my growing collection!

Blacktip Shark

Blacktip Shark

Heroic: Sethekk Halls

Logged on to my Priest for a while to try and solo Sethekk Halls for a chance at the Reins of the Raven Lord.

Everything started out great – I could sneak past quite a few mobs and the few I had to kill went down easily.  First boss was also easy but all that changed when I tried to kill Anzu.

Anzu beat me down and wiped up the floor with me.  I tried four times and each time was a dismal failure.

It was those flipping birds.  I couldn’t kill them all fast enough and a few would still be up when Anzu would drop the Spell Bomb debuff and between the stuns, silences, etc. well, I would run OOM and then it was over.

During one attempt I hadn’t killed all the birds yet before Anzu reappeared and had the chance to summon a second set of birds – squishy Priest is very squishy.

First three times I was able to run out of the room so Anzu would “reset” and I could try a different strategy, but the fourth time I didn’t quite make it and died.

I even tried equipping my PvP trinket to get me out of at least one stun or silence but it just wasn’t enough.

So….until I can figure out a way for a Shadow Priest to survive this and down Anzu, I can forget about the Reins of the Raven Lord.

Oh well.

Love is in the Air Daily Failure

Crushing the Crown daily – although it seems to be bugged this year for levels over 80 – is a relatively simple quest unless….

I logged on to my baby Worgen Druid for a while and thought I’d try this daily since it was offered.

Now, my Worgen was level 14 when I picked up the quest.  After the long trip down to the docks (no riding skill), a boat ride over to Teldrassil, a flight to Darkshore and a very, very long run to the quest area, I still couldn’t complete this quest.

It was tough enough fighting off level 18 (red) mobs that wanted to eat me for lunch, finding the path through the huge chasms along the way, and well…it took forever to even get to the quest area.

Once I arrived things looked a little brighter as there was a least a flight point to pick up and I could kill the mobs – one at a time.

Problem was that it didn’t stop at one mob at a time – I would apparently aggro several at once and then…Dead Druid.

So…after contemplating my options at the graveyard for a few minutes, I decided to just abandon it for now.  Perhaps if I level up a bit before the event is over, I’ll try it again.

On the positive side, I did get to level 15 and unlocked Bear form and few other spells, so maybe that will be better!