So…the cry went out over chat that a Horde rogue was stomping players in Hellfire Peninsula and needed some level 85s to stomp him back.  Not exactly an uncommon occurrence as this zone seems to be a favorite place for PvP.

Ah…I remember the “good old days” leveling up my Priest there and more often than not a Horde player or two would come swooping in killing the NPCs including the quest givers.

This would become very annoying as one would have to wait for relatively long respawn times to turn in quests, so if the Local Defense channel was spamming “under attack’ messages I’d go do something else far away until it was over.

No point getting into the fight because I don’t have PvP gear and frankly, I don’t care but once in a while I’d just /sit or follow them around emoting /chicken, /dance or /kisses (for some reason /kiss drives them crazy…go figure.)

I know most of the “tricks” used to try to get unflagged players to flag themselves PvP so they become fair game, and I can happily keep myself unflagged and go about my business.

But then I read on chat something to the effect of:

“Is no one MAN (emphasis mine) enough to come here and fight this rogue?”

After biting my tongue and revising my initial response, I simply typed in “not a man.”

Obviously Not A Man

Obviously Not A Man

It did get me thinking – even though it’s a PvE server (I never play on PvP) there are still plenty of opportunities for PvP experiences – battlegrounds, arenas, duels, etc. and sometimes it can be fun to participate in that part of the PvP world.

But since I’m “not a man” I can blissfully ignore the machismo chest-thumping that usually accompanies players who try to bring the “gank” aspects of PvP servers into the world of PvE.

If throwing down the gauntlet, so to speak and whether or not I pick it up determines a measure of my toon’s worthiness or “manhood”, well….

I’m not buying it.

I suppose there are all kinds of psychological reasons for the driving need to “gank” low level players in a video game, the subsequent need for “revenge” or pseudo constructs of “honor” and measures of “manhood”, but I’ll leave that to the psychologists.

If you’re getting unfairly “ganked” and I’m around, sure I’ll help out – you don’t even has to ask.

But try to bait me into participating to show I’m “man” enough?  Sorry, you’re on your own.

Now, if the chat had read:

“Is anyone WOMAN enough to come and kill this rogue?”

Hell yes!  I’d be there in a second!