One thing I don’t like about Cataclysm…I miss the portals.

My Shaman is still bouncing between Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland and now Northrend.

Daily cooking/fishing quests in Stormwind, then off to Outland to do the fishing/cooking quests, then back to Northrend for more cooking/fishing, rep dailies and questing, then on to Eastern Kingdoms/Kalimdor if I want to to work on Archaeology and bang my head on the keyboard.

It really doesn’t matter where I set the Hearthstone as no matter where I am there is going to be a boat ride at some point.

The boat rides aren’t too bad, I just don’t like all the travel time going back and forth for a couple of quests – I would much rather be spending that time doing something constructive.

But…until I roll a Mage I’m stuck, so…

Shattrath Cooking/Fishing Dailies

I’m almost finished with these dailies.  I’ve been very lucky getting the recipes I need so far – Delicious Chocolate Cake, Kibler’s Bits, Spicy Hot Talbuk, Skullfish Soup and Stormchops.

Recipe: Stormchops

Recipe: Stormchops

I’ve also completed all the cooking dailies for the Achievement.

Kickin' It Up a Notch

Kickin' It Up a Notch

All I need is one more recipe – Broiled Bloodfin, and that’s one less daily off my list.

Fishing might take a little longer because there is still one quest that hasn’t popped up yet for the Achievement, and I also need to keep doing the Crockolisks in the City quest for the last Bucket Pet.

I’ve got Snarly, Chuck and just picked up Toothy, so all I have left to get is Muckbreath.

Toothy's Bucket

Toothy's Bucket

I’ll be glad when I don’t have to take the long side trip to Outland anymore!

Fishing Contest

The Guild is running a fishing contest to get enough fish for an achievement (and a recipe) so that got my attention because well, I like fishing.

It’s a nice, low stress activity to do after completing a round of dailies or a few nasty quests (I’m looking at you, Wildhammer Clan!)

Fishing is also a useful activity.  You can find a variety of fish to cook up for some great buff food and also have the chance to fish up perks like the Sea Turtle, a fish “weapon”, or the 1 Ring.

I decided to take my Shaman fishing for the contest because she needs to level up fishing anyway and who knows?  She might just fish up the Sea Turtle!

I had the dailies to do in Outland, and I started the Kal’uk dailies in Northrend, so it was easy to just stop and fish pools while running around for the quests.

Parts of inland Northrend are still dangerous for a level 72 Shaman, so I fished pools up and down the shoreline from Borean Tundra to Howling Fjord.

Fishing Safety Tip:  Skip the pool close to the island near Scalawag Point.  The Elite Giant roaming around there hits hard.

Once I had all the dailies completed, I headed over to “safer” spots I knew – one next to Utgarde Keep and the other at Winter Breath’s Lake.

These are both safe spots for a lower level toon as there is only one Shoveltusk Stag at each location that will attack if close enough.

Both these areas contain Fangtooth Herring Pools that will give you a chance at two perks – the Sea Turtle and the Dark Herring.

I’ve fished up the Sea Turtle on both my Hunter and Priest, so I was hoping to get one for my Shaman.

In all the fishing I’ve done since starting the game I’ve never, ever seen one of the rare fish for the “One That Didn’t Get Away Achievement.”

No Sea Turtle for my Shaman, but after fishing up more Fangtooth Herring than I want to count, I got the Dark Herring.

The One That Didn't Get Away and Dark Herring

The One That Didn't Get Away and Dark Herring

I was excited until I realized that I can’t equip the Dark Herring as a weapon until level 78.

Oh well.

I’m motivated now to level up to 78 fast so I can start whapping everyone with my fish…