Revered with the Ramkehen

Unless one is running instances wearing the Ramkehen Tabard for reputation, two dailies makes this a slow and painful process.

Since I haven’t run any instances yet it took forever to reach Revered but at least it allowed me to purchase a new chest piece, the Robes of Orsis, to replace that ugly greenie thing I was wearing.

I don’t know if it’s on the “list” of rep items for a Priest – the Priest forums and sticky guides have been very thin on information so far unless you’re about ready to raid – but the stats looked okay and was certainly better than what I had.

So….bought myself a few snappy gems – I went for the Intellect bonus because Intellect is always good – then went shopping at the AH for an enchant.

The Priest forums suggest the best enchant is Enchant Chest – Peerless Stats for a whopping +20 to all stats.

Okay…sounds good…run to AH and that particular enchant is apparently at bargain basement prices at 40,000 gold.

Yikes!  I don’t think I’ve even come to close to having 40,000 gold if one counted every copper I’ve had since playing the game.  Must be extremely expense mats for this, so I purchased the more reasonably priced enchant – Enchant Chest – Mighty Stats.

Obviously the Enchant Chest – Peerless Stats will only be used on a BiS item of Epic quality!  It will take me a while to get a BiS Chest piece, but I’ll need all that time to start saving up gold.

Talk about sticker shock.

Now if only I could get rid of those ugly greenie shoulders, bracers and wand.

The Most Boring Cataclysm Quest

Speaking of the Ramkehen, with only two dailies I feel obligated to complete them both for reputation, but Fire From the Sky wins the prize as the most Boring Daily in Cataclysm.

It’s not a difficult quest – just bomb some Infantrymen wandering around – it just takes forever because of the glitches.  At least I’m assuming they are glitches.

More often than not, the infantrymen “freeze” and/or don’t respawn, so bombing them does not count towards the total of killing 100.

Add in several players attempting the quest at the same time, keeping in mind that if someone targets the group you targeted a millisecond faster than you did, you don’t get the kill credit – it can take longer than fishing up the Sea Turtle.

I’m sure I’ve dozed off more than a few times doing this quest but until I start running instances, I’m stuck with it.


Herioc Sethekk Halls

A very kind guildie ran me through Herioc Sethekk Halls (thank you!) as I thought it would be fun to try for the Reins of the Raven Lord mount.

The mount didn’t drop – I wasn’t expecting it – this was more of a “reconnaissance run” to see what I would be up against running the instance solo in Heroic mode.

Even at level 85 this will be quite challenging for a Priest (me at least) as there are plenty of nasty mechanics against casters, very few places to “sneak” past mobs and groups of them can hit very hard.

Heroic Sethekk Halls

Heroic Sethekk Halls

But I’m not in any hurry and the worst that can happen is I die a few times.  I expect that running it once a day for two or three years (or more) until the mount drops – well heck, I should be an expert at it by then!

Wildhammer Tour of Duty

Finally found Korthalon as the last kill I needed for the Wildhammer Tour of Duty Achievement.

Wildhammer Tour of Duty

Wildhammer Tour of Duty

Interestingly enough, after searching for the Black Recluse for a few days before I found it, I ran into it twice yesterday trying to sneak an extra barrel of beer from the cellar.

I didn’t get killed this time doing the dailies, but I didn’t find it any easier with all my upgraded gems and enchants.

Oh well.

The Wildhammers don’t have many reputation rewards for a Priest anyway.

After I struggled through the Wildhammer dailies I headed over to Deepholm to see if the Pebbles quest was up.

No Pebbles, but since I was there I thought I might as well run a few dailies just for the gold (Enchant – Peerless Stats – remember?)

So….now I find myself still running Glop, Son of Glop even after I’ve reached Exalted.

At least now I don’t die anymore.