Cooking Achievements

My Shaman has been lucky lately pulling recipes from the either the Dalaran or Shattrath cooking dailies.

So far I’ve picked up the Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake (first try!), Recipe: Captain Rumsey’s Lager and Recipe: Spicy Hot Talbuk.

Cooked up a cake and lager for the achievements, then on to the fishing dailies.

Captain Rumsey's Lager

Captain Rumsey's Lager

Bucket Pets

Crocolisks in the City has been up twice and I’ve managed to get Snarly and Chuck.

Snarly and Chuck

Snarly and Chuck

Chuck was also the last pet I needed for the Shop Smart, Shop Pet…Smart! Achievement and of course, the Reeking Pet Carrier with Stinker.



Archaeology and Reputation Grind

Logged on to my Priest as I wanted to try to get enough Night Elf relics to finish the Highborne Soul Mirror and found enough at a Feralas site to complete it.

It doesn’t do much except make a copy of yourself, but who knows?  It might come in handy some day.

Highborne Soul Mirror

Highborne Soul Mirror

Lower City Reputation

Just for fun, I’ve been running some old instances that drop pets or mounts during those “down” times when leveling, reputation grinds and dailies start making me want to bang my head on the keyboard.

I plan to try Heroic Magister’s Terrace for the Swift White Hawkstrider, and I also thought I’d try for the Reins of the Raven Lord in Heroic Sethekk Halls.

Heroic Sethekk Halls requires a key purchase to unlock heroic, and the key can only be purchased at Honored reputation with Lower City (I don’t think this has changed in Cataclysm.)

So…..back to Outland to pick up all those Lower City quests I had happily avoided when I was leveling in the zone.

Took me a couple of hours to reached Honored and purchase the key, but while I was running around doing quests I noticed an exclamation point and stopped to see if it was a quest that would give reputation.

It was Skywing – I couldn’t believe I had missed this quest on my Priest and never got the Miniwing pet, so I took a break, did the escort and got my pet!



As an added bonus, this quest also gave a good chunk of reputation for Lower City.

Wildhammer Woes

Oh my, how I dread these dailies!  One or two Dragonmaw I can handle, three is iffy, and four = Dead Priest.

Yes, those nasty Dragonmaw killed me once again while I was minding my own business picking up barrels of beer and food.

I don’t know why I’m so squishy.  I guess I really need to start running instances for more gear.  I’m only a little into Honored with the Wildhammer Clan so it feels as if I’ll be running those nasty dailies forever.

I have a mix of blue and green quest gear and so far I hadn’t bothered with many gems or enchants, but after Priest Death #5482, I thought I better do something.

I had a lot of gear with Mastery and apparently Mastery isn’t very useful at the moment for either Shadow or Disc, so I reforged what I could into Spirit or Haste.

Then I spent an amazing amount of gold at the Auction House for a belt buckle, gems, and a few enchants.

I didn’t want to buy Epic quality for my blues and greens but something is better than nothing at all.

My worst pieces are the chest and shoulders – icky greenies, but I bit the bullet and put on the Lesser shoulder enchant I had picked up from the Therazane.

I need an enchant for the chest but ugh – an expensive chant on an icky green just seems so wrong.

Now that I’ve got more Intellect and Spirit (with a touch more Haste), it will be interesting to see if it helps increase my survivability against those crazy Dragonmaw.

If not, well….I might just skip those dailies for a while until I can get Epic gear.

On the bright side, between getting killed and beer runs, the Black Recluse was in the cellar when I went down to look for quest items, so I killed it for part of the Wildhammer Tour of Duty Achievement.

Black Recluse

Black Recluse

Nothing exciting dropped – just Slimy Fangs that vendored for the astonishing amount of  41s 31c – not nearly enough to cover my repairs.

Oh well.

All I have left to find for the Achievement is Korthalon – hope he is easier to kill than the Dragonmaw!