I had only a few hundred reputation points left to reach Exalted with the Therazane and never have to do those annoying quests again!  Except, of course for the Pebbles quest.

I picked up all the quests anyway and there was my favorite Therazane quest of all – Glop, Son of Glop.  I decided to do that one first since it gives the most reputation and if it doesn’t bug out on me, I’ve been getting fairly good at it and completing it without dying.

Luck was with me, no bugs and I finished it without any problems.  I picked a couple of the easier quests to do, turned them in and got the Therazane Achievement for Exalted.

Therazane Achievement

Therazane Achievement

I ran over to the Quartermaster and picked up the shoulder enchants….then realized all I had were some crappy green shoulders not worth wasting on my nice new enchant.

I have the lesser enchant I could throw on them for now, but it made me realize that I can’t put off running instances any more.

Not heroics of course, just the normal versions.

To Heal or Not to Heal?

So….what to do?  Do I queue as DPS since I’ve been doing everything quest-wise as Shadow?

I’ve never, ever run an instance as DPS so although I’m comfortable with the Shadow spells, I’m not sure about some of the other “mechanics” involved.  For example, targeting the tank and using the “F” key to set focus to the tank’s target.

I’m so used to using my healing grid for everything (targeting/mouse binds) that not using it throws me a bit.

Or…..do I queue as Healer?

My main spec is Disc and since the changes, Disc just doesn’t work like it used to anymore.  Reading the forums doesn’t inspire much confidence because although there are a few people who like the changes, a successful Disc healer appears to be more dependent on higher level gear for throughput and mana regeneration.

I don’t think my low level blues and greens would be sufficient.  There’s the Catch 22 – can’t heal with current gear to run instances to get better gear to successfully heal.

One of those “bang your head on the keyboard” moments.

If I had been smart (which I’m not) I would have just leveled a Paladin and be done with it because even with all the recent changes they are still strong healers.

But Priests have a lot of tools and can be quite fun, interesting and challenging to play – something I’m reluctant to give up at the moment.

Leveling a Shaman

I’ve been spending more time with my Shaman, got her to Outlands and up to level 65.  Shamans are a tremendous amount of fun, but apparently have problems at level 85 so I’m not sure if I will have the same issues with my Shaman as I currently do with my Priest.

I duel-speced Elemental for questing and Restoration for instances, and with Elemental I can solo a lot of two-player quests.

Mana Tombs

I queued for my first Outlands instance and got the Mana Tombs.  I’ve never done this one before and the tank said this was his first tanking instance, so it was a guaranteed fun experience.

We wiped on the first trash and it was entirely my fault.

I had a complete “duh” moment and put Earth Shield on the rogue instead of the tank.  Not a problem, just need to re-apply to tank but….where’s the tank?

Tank had run around a corner and pulled a whole bunch of mobs.  I could see his health dropping fast but by the time I ran around and got into range….dead tank.

Then of course, dead everyone.

One would think with those Draenei goat legs I could win any race, but no….too slow.  Maybe I should take up Engineering just for some rocket boots to keep up!

Resurrected (love that spell), rezzed  the group, apologized and away we go.

No problems for the rest of instance and the tank did an excellent job.  I got to use most of my healing spells and swap out a few totems that kept it quite interesting and fun.

I might just queue for another one.  Who knows?  Maybe next time some gear will drop I could actually use!