Rescuing Pebbles

I must have had a really, really bad day with quests!

First, the quest for Pebbles finally showed up.  I’ve been foaming at the mouth for this one since completing it 10 times awards the Rock Lover achievement and a Pebbles pet.

The quest, Lost In The Deeps takes place in my “favorite” area, the Crumbling Depths.

Now, I had all but totally given up on the Therazane dailies simply because they are extremely annoying and take forever – for me at least.

Bad enough with worms popping up all over the place, running around the cave getting lost, other players grabbing quest items while I’m fighting off two or three worms, and of course my personal nemesis – the giant rotating worm that sucks me up every time.

But here was my first Pebbles quest, so I pushed aside all my excellent reasons for ditching the Therazane dailies and went in to rescue Pebbles.

I got in just fine, found Pebbles but every time I tried to get past that giant worm I’d get sucked in, lose Pebbles and have to start all over.

I tried 12 times – yes, you read that correctly – 12 times.  If there wasn’t the possibility of getting one of the cutest little pets in the game I would have happily abandoned it, wiped any quests for the Therazane from my quest log, and never return to Deepholm again.

After banging my head on the keyboard, a few very helpful guildies explained how to get Pebbles out by following the worm and running up the ramp over the rocks – not trying to backtrack to get out.

Yes, I had been going the wrong way every time and of course I wasn’t fast enough to avoid getting sucked in the worm.

I went back for Pebbles, turned the right way and I was out in no time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the guild members who patiently took the time to explain what I was doing wrong and fixing my “duh” moment.

Glop Bugs Out

To add insult to injury, the Glop, Son of Glop quest was also on the daily list.  I actually had defeated Glop once without dying, so I was feeling rather confident about getting this quest done without racking up another huge repair bill.

So off I went to the cave, started the event and chased Glop all over until the final area and almost had him down.

Suddenly Glop just disappeared.

He didn’t die, he just vanished.  I went back to the starting area and a few other players had started the event.

I had heard how this quest was buggy so I don’t know if someone else starting the event while in progress bugs it out, or even if it could be started simultaneously.

I waited around until the group had completed the quest – apparently with no problems – and when the quest giver “reset” I tried again.

The NPC walked to the first confrontation with Glop, but no Glop.  After a few moments, Glop appeared but the NPC was apparently “stuck” and did not continue the event.

While I waited to see if it would reset itself, a few more players showed up and indicated they were unable to talk to the NPC, so we all waited but nothing changed.

At this point in the quest Glop cannot be attacked at all (“Invalid Target” message), so after a bit of discussion and trying a few things to see if we could “reset” the event, we decided to give up and try again later.

I came back a few hours later and the event had either been fixed or reset, so I was able to complete the quest with no problems.

Just one more reason to add to my list of “Why I Don’t Like Deepholm”…..

Fiona’s Lucky Charm

Since I had finally got through the Therazane dailies I logged onto my Shaman to finish up the quest chain that rewards Fiona’s Lucky Charm.

There are a lot of quests in Eastern Plaguelands for factions that will be important later on (Argent Crusade, The Earthen Ring, etc.) so it’s worth spending some time here.

I finished up Fiona’s quests, got Fiona’s Lucky Charm then picked up all the quests I could find with the theory that if I’m killing stuff anyway, might as well use the charm to see if I can get a Mr. Grubbs.

Although I had quests that required killing plenty of mobs, I only found about 4 or 5 Hidden Stashes with no Mr. Grubbs so I assumed Fiona’s Lucky Charm wasn’t going to be as lucky for my Shaman as my Priest.

I kept working on the quests, found a few more Hidden Stashes and there was Mr. Grubbs.

Mr. Grubbs

Mr. Grubbs

I guess Fiona’s Lucky Charm was working after all!

Bag of Shiny Things

This reward for the Stormwind Fishing Daily usually contains impressive amounts of very cheap junk, so I was quite surprised when my Shaman opened her bag and found the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat.

Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat

Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat

Apparently the Strand Crawler pet is another possible reward, so that is great motivation to keep up with the fishing dailies!