New Companion Pets

One of the best features of Cataclysm (for me) are the new quests for mini-pets!  Quests are so much more interesting and fun to do than simply grinding away for hours (or days, weeks, months) trying to get a rare drop.

I’m actually shocked that I was not aware of these pets (need to check more frequently) so I decided to reluctantly drop my Cataclysm dailies (yeah, I cried a lot about missing the Therazane quests – ha! ha!) in favor of getting a Mini Jouster, a Tiny Flamefly, and a Brazie’s Sunflower.

Gold/Blue Mini Jouster

I didn’t realize it at the time but I had already started the quest chain for the Mini Jouster but had abandoned it because I found the “flapping” mechanic to fly was very frustrating.  I was having “Wrath” vehicle quest flashbacks so I dropped it.

Now that there was a mini-pet at stake, back I went to pick up the rest of quest chain and suffer through the horrible flying mechanic.  I wasn’t aware that this particular quest chain was a “tribute” to an old Joust arcade game until I looked it up on WoW Head to find out what the heck was up with the “flapping” thing.

Knowing about the tribute didn’t help much, but I suffered through it all and picked the Gold Mini Jouster as my reward.  I would happily suffer through a Wave 3 quest if I could get the Gold and Blue pets!

Gold Mini Jouster and Achievement

Gold Mini Jouster and Achievement

Completing these quests also rewards the “Beware the ‘Unbeatable?’ Pterodactyl” Achievement, but I like the pet more!

Tiny Flamefly

This quest chain took the longest because I hadn’t done many quests in this zone while leveling up my Priest.

The quest that rewards this pet is SEVEN! YUP! but to get to it takes a little bit of time investment working through the chain.

Of course, the quests are very easy at level 85 but it still took me about an hour or so to get through them all for the Tiny Flamefly pet.

Tiny Flamefly

Tiny Flamefly

This pet is actually a nice alternative to the more rare (and expensive) Firefly pet and definitely easier to get.

Brazie’s Sunflower

Brazie’s Sunflower Seeds is a quest reward from completing a short quest series with a twist.  The quests are actually a mini-game based on the popular Plants vs Zombies.

I’ve never played that game but the WoW quest version was quite fun and challenging enough to be interesting without becoming an exercise in frustration.

It took me a couple of tries to complete the last wave, but I did, got my pet and was actually sorry the mini-game was over.  Maybe I’ll have to buy Plants vs Zombies since the mini-game in WoW was a good marketing move.

Singing Sunflower

Singing Sunflower

I didn’t have the sound turned up very loud so I haven’t heard it sing yet, but it is one of cutest pets I have – almost the “happy” version of the Sinister Squashling.

Now that I’ve caught up a bit with the pets, it’s back to the old reputation grinds….ugh.

To Beat the Unbeatable Boss

I had a bit of time left so I decided to log onto my Shaman and run a random dungeon or two.  I love the ability for the “lowbie” toons to wear city tabards for reputation in dungeons as it makes that almost impossible Gnomeregan reputation rack up very quickly!

First one up was Zul’Farrak – one I had seen going through as a level 80 but never done at level, so it was nice to get the Achievement.

I’ve been very lucky with random dungeons on my Shaman so far (although I expect that could change at any moment) with most players working well together with little raging or drama.

Just one incident during a Stratholme run – the Piccolo of the Flaming Fire dropped, and after a discussion every agreed to roll “Greed”.  Of course, one person rolled “Need”, won it and was promptly kicked from the group.

I could be wrong, but when a rare item drops isn’t it best for everyone to roll “Need” as it would trump a “Greed” roll?  Guess I just haven’t seen that many rare items like this turn up in a group.

Next up was Dire Maul – Gordok Commons – oh no!

King Gordok

I have yet to be in any group that can down King Gordok, and I’ve been in that instance seven times so far.  I have completed the other two bosses, but no Achievement yet because of the King.

Since I have to keep my eyes glued to my healing grid during this fight I couldn’t say what the problem was with the strategy (or lack thereof), but the pattern seems to go as follows:

  • tank engages the King
  • DPS start firing
  • almost everyone gets Feared (I’ve been very lucky not to be Feared 6/7 times so I can keep healing)
  • more ogres show up
  • tank gets one-shotted
  • wipe

Usually after a couple of attempts we agree to call it quits, so I don’t know if I will be able to get the Achievement for Dire Maul while I’m still in the level range.

Oh well.

I suppose I could always come back and beat him when I’m level 85….