I know there’s a big rush to get to the new level 85, but I was a little burned out on questing.

I was also getting tired of running around trying to find NPCs to complete quests that for some strange reason were not where they were supposed to be.

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or something I’m missing but there are two quests I can’t complete in Stormwind for a few days now simply because the NPCs are no where to be found.

Digging for Skill Points

I took a side trip to complete the new cooking and fishing quests, then decided to send my Priest out for a little Archaeology fun.

I started in EK, found the little “shovel” icons on the map, flew to the closest one and zoomed in the map to find the correct zone.

Okay, what to do next?  I used the “Survey” tool and the survey object appeared with a red light.  Not sure what that meant so I tried another spot and got another red light.

Maybe it’s time to read the tool tip? Yes, that makes it all clear – just follow the direction the survey object is pointing to until it starts flashing a green light.  Very simple, but very slow!

I’m sure it will be faster once I get used to how it works, but for now….it took me an hour or so to find all the artifacts at a few sites and all it got me was a skill level of about 17!

This might be slower to level up than fishing…if that’s at all possible.


I was feeling guilty about neglecting my baby level 16 Shaman, so I logged her on and thought I’d do a quick run for the cooking a fishing dailies.

The fishing dailies are fairly fast, but the cooking?  It takes forever running around trying to find the quest objects if one doesn’t have a mount or can fly!  Even running around in Ghost Wolf form takes a long time because by the time I get to where a quest object might be, someone on a flying mount swoops in and takes it.

Eventually I smartened up and just waited at one spot for a respawn.  I thought it would take longer but it takes about the same amount of time with less running around.

After turning in the quests I decided to bite the bullet and queue for a random dungeon.  I equipped my Darnassus tabard, stocked up on food and water and I was ready to go.

I found a dungeon immediately and sure enough, the Deadmines.  Ugh.  I didn’t realize that this dungeon had been “upgraded” and it appeared to be a little more difficult than the previous version.

What was also “new” – Worgens!  Three out of five of us was a Worgen.  Everyone is a Worgen these days – they must be the new Death Knights of the Cata expansion.  We had a Worgen Druid (tank), a Worgen Mage and I’m not sure what the other one was but I haven’t seen Worgens “in action” yet so it was fun to see how they look, sound and move.

The Deadmines might have been in progress when I arrived because three players were dead already, so after rezzing the casualties off we went.

I was expecting the usual 3-hour marathon session but it actually went very fast.

Healing at level 16 isn’t that difficult with just one spell, but with a 2.7 second cast time one has to start casting at the first sign of damage, and damage can start knocking down health very quickly.

I did lose the tank once because I didn’t start casting fast enough, but fortunately it didn’t wipe us and I was forgiven 🙂

Although I was healing at a steady pace I didn’t have to stop to drink at all which surprised me.

Another surprise was finding out the Deadmines now has vehicles.  I was quite busy healing at those points so I couldn’t pay much attention to it, but I was happy I didn’t have to use one – that would have wiped us for sure!

We completed the dungeon without any further deaths and I racked up enough experience to bump me up halfway to level 19 – one and a half  levels closer to a riding mount!

I’m only into “Honored” with Darnassus so no cat mount yet – guess I’ll have to either ride a silly Elekk , my BoA sparkle pony or keep running the Deadmines for reputation until my eyes bleed…..