I’m really enjoying the new server – a big thanks to those who suggested it and welcomed me into their guild (you know who you are ;)), and thanks for making WoW fun again!

The only thing I find a little strange is every time I fly over Wintergrasp – it’s Horde controlled!  On my old server Alliance owned it just about all the time, so seeing it overrun with Horde is different to say the least!

So Many Server Firsts, So Little Time

According to Blizzard’s FAQs, when one transfers servers, one is not eligible for any Server First Achievements for about two months.

This is perfectly understandable to discourage players from “server jumping” and racking up Server Firsts on as many realms as possible.

I have to admit that when I see a toon getting a Server First, the competitive side of me cringes a little and I start foaming at the mouth thinking about Achievements I’m missing.

But even if I were eligible to rack up a Server First or two, there is no way I could compete with the more “hard core” players leveling toons to 85 in 16 hours or maxing out all the professions before I can even find the trainer.

So….I get myself a nice cup of hot tea and remind myself that I would never get a Server First Achievement anyway.  And yes, indulging myself with a Crème Brûlée does make me feel better!

Cataclysm Quests….Continued

I finally discovered why I couldn’t find any more quests in the zone.  Lord Something-Something Naga drops a pearl that starts a quest, so I’m back on track again.

I also found another object in my bags that started a quest I had forgotten about because none of the rewards were anything my Priest could use.  I’ll do the quest anyway because right now it’s all new and exciting, but there have been more than a few quests with rewards I am unable to equip.

In those cases I just pick the most “expensive” piece and vendor it for the gold, but it is a little disappointing not to get a useful reward.

I’m also finding it a little psychologically difficult replacing my gemmed and enchanted Purple Epics with Green and Blue items even if the stats are superior – it just feels so wrong!