Despite all the “real world” stuff that was keeping me away from WoW, I just had to log on last night for the launch of Cataclysm!

I decided that my Priest was probably in the “best shape” of my two 80 toons to take on the new quests and start leveling to 85.

Since all her talents had been reset (again!) I picked a recommended Shadow build and left the Disc build for now (the jury is still out on Disc talents.)

If I’m going back to fighting mobs, Shadow is definitely the way to go!

Before I went running off to catch the boat, I picked up my Flight Master’s License – so far this has been the best change yet – flying around Stormwind was a blast!  I stopped to pick up the new cooking and fishing dailies just so I could keep flying around Stormwind and picked up the new Archaeology profession.

But then, back to the business of leveling up.  It was fun to see a lot of people running around questing again, and the respawn times seemed fast enough to ensure one didn’t have to wait around too long for quest objectives.

Sometimes the respawns were a little too fast.  My Priest actually got killed a couple times by some nasty little mobs that respawned and attacked faster than I could heal myself!  I learned quick enough to “grab and run” before my repair costs reached epic levels!

I almost reached level 81 but it was getting late, and I had also noticed that when I logged in my GM husband – the one who ran off last month to another WoW toon – had “gkicked” all my toons out of our guild.

Of course, he didn’t “bother” mailing me any of the items or materials I had stored in our guild bank, but since I was now “guildless” it was a perfect time to start the Paid Transfer to another server.

So….my 80 Hunter and (almost) 81 Priest should be ready to play at their new home soon.  I did receive a confirmation email that my Hunter was transferred and ready to go on the new server, so as soon as my Priest is confirmed I can continue with the Cataclysm quests.

Blizzard does warn that any items lost during the transfer cannot be restored – I just hope my Hunter’s Hyacinth Macaw makes it – I would hate to have to try for that bird all over again!