A Draenei Shaman

On the suggestions of some very nice comments, I rolled a Draenei Shaman on a new server, joined a guild (hope it was the right one!) and began the painful process of leveling.

Oh, how I miss having heirlooms and at least one 80 to pass along materials, bags and a few gold!  Unfortunately, one cannot “mail” items across servers, so until I get my 80s transferred my poor Shaman is on her own.

I completed all the usual quests in the “starter” zone then headed out to the Great Big World.  I picked a couple of gathering professions – mining and skinning – along with the usual fishing, first aid and cooking.

It’s been such a long time since I started a new toon with gathering professions I completely forgot to buy a skinning knife and a mining pick.  It was almost embarrassing to run all the way back to the Trade Goods vendor….

Ah yes, the running!  How spoiled one gets flying around on a beautiful drake or riding a “swift” mount.  I think I’ll be so happy to finally get a ride that I won’t even care it’s an Elekk.

Well, I guess actually I do care.  At about level 9 I decided to take the boat to Kalimdor and start building up reputation for a saber mount.

I also had gathered up a measly few copper bars and light leather to sell so I needed to get to an Auction House.

I guess I got a little confused with all the changes to the zones, so when I hopped the boat to what I thought would be Darkshore, I ended up at Stormwind.

Oh well.  At least I knew where the Auction House was….or thought I did!  The city has changed so much I had to ask a guard for directions…only to find I was standing right beside it.

I posted my auctions then decided that since I was already there, I might as well do a few more quests to reach level 10.

Elwynn Forest is actually a decent area for copper ore and skinning, so while I worked on some quests I gathered up more materials to sell and plenty of looted trash to vendor.

I finally reached level 10 then went back to Stormwind to find the Shaman trainer and learn my new spells, except no Shaman trainer.  I had to ask a guard for directions again as apparently the Shaman trainer is in another district “visiting” other Shamans.

I was about to call it a night when I noticed the “blue” exclamation points indicating daily quests – daily quests for level 10?  This was too good to be true!

I picked up the daily cooking and fishing quests estimating they would only take a few minutes to complete but wow, was I wrong.

The fishing quest was at the top of Thunder Falls and I must have been “killed” about 4 times by mobs before finally getting to the right area for fishing.

After catching my quest fish, I got lost trying to get to the “pumpkin patch” for the cooking quest until I found the way out of Stormwind through the Dwarven District.

So….an hour later….I completed the quests and received my first “Cooking Award.”

Cooking Award

Cooking Award

By this time all my auctions had sold so I ran to the mailbox in anticipation of collecting up my “fortune” and ended the day with the impressive amount of 31 silver and 12 coppers.

Oh well.  Tomorrow is another day…