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I was on my baby Shaman, running around doing some quests to get to level 20 so I could finally get the riding skill, when I received a whisper from someone I didn’t know.

All he wrote was “change your name”.  I whispered back “what for?” and he replied “because it resembles mine” (note: “resembles” was misspelled.)

This caught me by surprise because although yes, the first three letters of our names were the same the rest of our names were quite different.

Here is a screenshot of the rest of the conversation:

Name Rage

Name Rage

Of course the name is blurred out to protect the….weird?

I just replied “no way” and put him on /ignore.

I suppose I could have pointed out that all game data (including character names) belongs to Blizzard as clearly stated in the TOS and EUL agreements he had to click “Agree” to before playing WoW.  Or failing that, he could ask a GM for clarification….

I’m not even certain one can change a character name unless it is a server transfer and the name is already used on the target realm.

It was a rather strange encounter.  I have no intention of changing my character’s name, and since it conforms to Blizzard’s TOS and EUL, Mr. Change Your Name is simply out of luck.

I wonder if he goes after every character with the same first three letters in their names….

By the way, I did get to level 20…

Level 20

Level 20

and got my first riding skill.

Giddy Up!

Giddy Up!

I don’t have enough reputation yet to get a cat or horse to ride, so I think I’ll be riding the Sparkle Pony for a while instead of those silly Elekks.


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