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Temple of Ahn’Qiraj….Again

A new raid for the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj was looking for a few healers so I decided to go along to see if we could actually finish it this time.

This one was better organized with many well-geared, experienced players so there were no problems getting through the instance and I finally got the Achievement.

I also managed to win the roll on a Blue Qiraji Resonating Crystal – it’s too bad one can’t ride these mounts outside the instance, but they do count towards the mounts achievements.

Blue Qiraji Resonating Crystal Mount

Blue Qiraji Resonating Crystal Mount

My Warrior friend won a green mount and gave it to me as he already had one from a previous raid.  Two rides are better than one!

Heroic: The Oculus

Oh my.  Now I know why so many players cringe every time this instance turns up in a random.  So much so that an extra bag of “goodies” (Cache of the Ley-Guardian) are offered for completing it in Heroic mode.

The Cache of the Ley-Guardian contains a couple of extra Emblems of Triumph, a few blue-quality gems and a chance at the Reins of the Blue Drake mount.

If it wasn’t for the Blue Drake mount I’d run screaming every time the loading screen for this random showed up!

I probably should have run this a few times in normal mode before attempting heroic, but there it was and I wanted those Emblems of Frost and that Blue Drake so….

The second time we had a few wipes (the first attempt was a complete wipe) and I found it extremely difficult to heal through the frost until the tank decided to kite Mage-Lord Urom around instead of just fighting in one spot.  That frost would kill me every time, but kiting gave me enough time to run ahead of the frost and keep everyone healed up so that is the best strategy for a new still-gearing-up healer!

The last fight with Ley-Guardian Eregos took a couple of attempts to get everyone up to speed on the fight mechanics.  This fight can be very – well, easy is not quite the right word – let’s say it can be successful if everyone understands what to do at the right time.  Teamwork is the key – this fight has no room for divas!

With teamwork and co-ordination we got the boss down but for some reason I didn’t get my Cache of the Ley-Guardian.  I put in a ticket and the next day I received the bag with the explanation that sometimes a player or two might not see it.

I was happy to get my bag with the extra Emblems and a few gems, but no Blue Drake.

The third time this instance turned up in a random, everything went remarkably well and my Cache of the Ley-Guardian had the Reins of the Blue Drake!

Blue Drake Mount

Blue Drake Mount

I suppose technically now that I have my Blue Drake I never have to run this one again – I can now run screaming if the loading screen is The Oculus – but I might do it again, just for fun.

Perky Pug

Guess I finally ran enough random Heroics for the Looking for Multitudes Achievement with the Perky Pug reward!

It’s always nice to get a new pet, especially one that looks like a “real” dog!

Perky Pug

Perky Pug

Winterspring Frostsaber

Yes, I must be out of my mind to grind for this reputation – again!  I’d really like to get this mount for my Priest since it’s one of the few that doesn’t have all the extra armor, so here we go again…

It’s nice to know that my original strategy still works although I’d insert a few more “bang your head on the keyboard” steps.

I’ve been doing a few more circuits of all the quests this time around if I can find a time when the Winterfall Village isn’t too busy.

I had just finished the Winterfall Intrusion quest and was riding out of the village when I noticed a Furblog was chasing me.  I stopped to kill it and it turned out to be the rare spawn Grizzle Snowpaw.

Grizzle Snowpaw

Grizzle Snowpaw

Grizzle Snowpaw only dropped a green item and some runecloth, but it was the first time I’ve seen it.

I’m up to 11500/21000 into Revered, so about 12 full quest circuits left to go!

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