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Engineering Toys

Once you reach the upper levels of Engineering, a few actually useful items can be made.  I decided to make myself a Field Repair Bot 110G, Scrapbot Construction Kit and MOLL-E.

The Field Repair Bot 110G and Scrapbot Construction Kit are consumables (5 created at a time) but MOLL-E is just on a cooldown without self-destructing, so only one needs to be made.

Both the Field Repair Bot 110G and Scrapbot Construction Kits are required components to make the much more useful Jeeves.

I still need to find a way to sneak into Blackrock Depths to learn the also required Field Repair Bot 74A schematic, but for now I thought I would try to get the schematic for Jeeves.

Schematic: Jeeves is an instance Boss drop and according to WoWHead can also be “salvaged” from the Fizzcrank Mechagnome/Sentry-bot 57-K in the Borean Tundra and the Library Guardians in Storm Peaks.

Since I was going to Storm Peaks for some dailies I decided to try the Library Guardians first.

The entire area was crawling with Engineers – I assume – looking for the schematic!  Fortunately there are plenty of Library Guardians for everyone and they are on a fairly fast respawn rate.

It was actually fun having a lot of Engineers around as every once in a while someone would drop MOLL-E, a Repair or Scrapbot (I had a few Scrapbots with me) and invite others to use it.

My Scrapbot Construction Kit

My Scrapbot Construction Kit

Drops and salvages from the Library Guardians would fill up one’s bags quite quickly with junk items so having access to a vendor and mailbox was appreciated.

After about an hour or so I finally salvaged the Schematic: Jeeves.  It’s BoP so if you’re an Engineer and want one you’ll have to find it yourself – luckily it doesn’t take very long!

Schematic: Jeeves

Schematic: Jeeves

Sons of Hodir

I was in Storm Peaks to work on dailies for reputation with the Sons of Hodir and wow, these guys must have a lot of problems to have so many dailies!

They have some very nice reputation rewards – most notably the shoulder enchants and Reigns of the Ice Mammoth and Reigns of the Grand Ice Mammoth for those of us who are working on the mounts achievements.

I’m about halfway into Revered so it should take about 4 days (or less with the Relics turn-in) to reach Exalted.

Questing in Storm Peaks generally gives quite a large number of Relics, and at about 650 reputation points per 10/turn-in, should rack up those reputation points quickly.

I collected about 60 just working on the dailies and that was more than enough for me to feel comfortable about skipping that nasty Thrusting Hodir’s Spear daily.  I don’t miss that one at all!

Besting the Horde Valiants

I’m getting much better with Argent Tournament winning three in a row the other day without getting kicked off my mount.

I was looking over the Argent Tournament Achievements and noticed I had completed the Alliance part of Lance A Lot so for my daily I decided to challenge the Horde Valiants.

First challenge didn’t work out very well – I lost – but after that I managed to defeat the Valiants from Sen’jin, Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff.

I’m only 2 Valiant Seals away from turning in the required 25 for the next chain, so hopefully I will be able to defeat the last two Horde Valiants from Silvermoon City and The Undercity for the Achievement.

I was hoping I would see the end of that other nasty daily – At The Enemy’s Gates – but it looks as if the next quest chain has one running back there to kill the much tougher Commanders – oh joy.

Considering how often I die and how much armor damage I get from this particular quest, it’s a good thing I made myself a few Scrapbots!

Another Westfall Chicken

Logged onto my Priest for a while to turn in a few quests and while I was in Westfall I thought I might as well get her the Westfall Chicken.

Westfall Chicken Egg

Westfall Chicken Egg

One can’t have too many pet chickens!

Westfall Chicken Companion Pet

Westfall Chicken Companion Pet

Ran a few battlegrounds and lost every one.  The last Warsong Gulch we almost won except at the last minute most players were so busy fighting, insulting and swearing at each other the Horde rushed in, killed everyone, grabbed the flag and won.

Some people will just never learn.

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