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A Wipefest

I had so much fun with my Priest in Ragefire Chasm the other night I thought I’d queue for another LFD and got the Deadmines.

Okay, the difficulty meter just jumped up a few points but I figured maybe 20 or 30 minutes at the most and who knows? Perhaps Cookie’s Stirring Rod Wand will drop.

I was there almost three hours.

First group started out fine – downed the first boss Rhahk’Zor with little problems and no one was taking much damage except the tank.  The Mast Room is a little tougher but we get through that as well and take a little break to heal and mana up.

Then we get to the Goblin Foundry.  Everyone gets swarmed, tank is taking damage faster than I can heal, I get killed and everyone wipes.

Tank and one DPS quits.  I run back from the graveyard but when I enter the instance I get killed again by patrols.  We agree to meet at the entrance and wait for another tank and DPS.

Second tank and DPS arrive, everyone gets buffed, we make it back to the Mast Room and wipe again.  The two DPS from the first group quit, new DPS arrive and we actually make it to the dock.

Group wipes at the dock, tank and DPS quit, new tank and DPS arrive and we make it to the ship before wiping again.

I could write on and on but you get the picture.

Interestingly enough, no one had a “nerd-rage” or blamed a particular player for wipes except once at the ship when a boss was pulled before we were ready.

A couple of players accused the hunter of having the pet on Aggressive and/or having Growl turned on, but the hunter had done neither of those things and was actually doing fine and saved me a couple of times.

He offered to put the pet on Passive which seemed to make everyone happy, but that didn’t stop the next wipe.

It just seems to be almost an automatic response to blame the hunter whether guilty or not, which is one reason I avoided instances like the plague on my hunter.

Eventually we down the final boss but I get killed at the same time the “Deadmines” Achievement pops up.  Everyone leaves so I’m all alone as run back from the graveyard to claim my body.

This seemed rather appropriate as throughout the entire mess the only original player left in all the groups was me.

Not that I wasn’t tempted to quit more than few times, but I know it can take long queues waiting for healers and tanks and I like to finish what I start.

One Bright Moment

I don’t even know if anyone bothered to kill Cookie since a roll for the wand never came up (unless you can’t see it if you’re dead – I really don’t know how that works.)

I never had time to loot anything as I was always too busy healing, drinking when I had a chance or running from the graveyard.

At one point on the dock I had a moment to loot a pirate someone missed and lo and behold, it was the Parrot Cage: Green Wing Macaw so that made me a little happy.

Green Wing Macaw

Green Wing Macaw

I passed on all the other loot and just rolled for the Emberstone Staff and Corsair’s Overshirt when they came up.  Everyone else had either passed or picked “Greed” or “Disenchant” so I managed to get something useful for three hours work.

I also received the Enumerated Wrap of the Eagle in my dungeon “goodie” bag.  All these new upgrades raised my Gearscore from 66 to 125 which according to, is a win!

Gearscore always makes me laugh.

Dangerously Delicious

This came up again as the Northrend Daily Fishing quest but this time I found the “safe” spot to fish in Wintergrasp without turning on my PvP.

Certainly makes fishing a lot less stressful!

Dangerously Delicious

Dangerously Delicious

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