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Netherwing Drakes

This is the big reward for exalted – a beautiful Netherwing Drake – and best of all, the first one is free (200 gold each after the first one.)

A couple of great reputation guides are at Netherwing – WoWWiki and Netherwing Faction – WoWHead.  Read the requirements for the starting quests and opening the dailies – you must be at least level 70 and must have Artisan Flying (300) to continue after completing the first set of reputation quests for the Ally of the Netherwing quest.

If you don’t have Artisan Flying, you will not be offered the quest.

I came to this Faction rather late because I didn’t have Artisan Flying at level 70 (I was lucky if I had 100 gold at that level!) and started the reputation quests about a week ago.

Dailies and Grinding

There are only two ways to gain reputation with this faction – dailies and grinding for Netherwing Eggs.

Fortunately, there are a lot of dailies (be aware they can take a bit of time) but unfortunately, Netherwing Eggs are very rare spawns and can be difficult, if not impossible to find – especially if many players are searching for eggs.

Netherwing Eggs

Netherwing Eggs are worth about 250 reputation points per turn-in and that would definitely knock some time off the journey to Exalted, but because of their rarity be prepared to spend a lot of time looking for them if you plan to take that route.

In the Comments section at Netherwing Egg – Item – WoWHead you can find egg locations, strategies, spawn times, etc. so it’s worth reading if you want to grind for eggs.

I’ll generally take a “fly by” look at the outside spawn points in case I spot an egg, and look for egg spawns inside the mines when doing the quests there – but for me two or three eggs are an average find and the most I’ve found is six.

The eggs can also drop from mobs in the cave or can be found for one of the gathering quests (mining, herbalism, skinning).  I’ve actually found more eggs from mobs than spawn points, but it still only averages about one or two an hour.

I usually just gather up any eggs I find and turn them all in before leaving for the day.

Note:  Netherwing Eggs are Bind on Pickup so they cannot be sold or traded.


These are fairly simple but as I said before, they can be little time-consuming.  As you gain a new reputation level new dailies open up to add to your growing list of reputation quests.

Each reputation level will also reward a trinket:

The Badges summon a temporary combat pet (Netherwing Ally, of course!) that will fight with you for about 40 seconds.  Each badge is a little “upgrade” to the trinket.

An addition trinket is the Skybreaker Whip rewarded at the final quest for defeating all the riders in the Dragonmaw Races.

I haven’t bothered with this quest chain because although I would like the reputation points, I’ve only managed to defeat the first one and the Skybreaker Whip doesn’t work above level 70 so it’s useless at level 80.

The worst quest of all (at least for me) is Disrupting the Twilight Portal.  Not because it is difficult, but because you have to travel all the way across Outland to the farthest west point, then travel all the way back to Shadowmoon Valley to turn in the quest.  If possible, try to have a few quests to do along the way so travel doesn’t seem to be such a big waste of time.

Quest: Subdue the Subduer

The Subdue the Subduer non-repeatable quest, with the starter quest The Soul Cannon of Reth’hedrons is worth the trouble because of the total 1000 reputation points.

First you have to complete the Soul Canon quest which is basically gathering materials (easy if you are an Engineer or know someone with Engineering – otherwise, the Auction House is your best friend if you can’t find the materials.)

Once you complete the quest, you will be given the Soul Canon to defeat Reth’hedron.  The trick is you have to do this while flying and not get knocked off your mount and/or die since he will be shooting fireballs and it will take a minute or two before the canon does the job.

You’ve probably already noticed Reth’hedron if you’ve done the Disrupting the Twilight Portal Quest – he’s the giant elite red demon.

I died a couple of times – first time I couldn’t get back up to my body and had to take the res hit.  While waiting for the debuff to end, I checked the map and found a cave entrance close to the graveyard.  The cave will get you back to the area and your body but I still died a second time trying this quest.

The third time I just flew around Reth’hedron in a circle as fast as I could and completed the quest.

I’m just glad this is a one-time quest and not a daily!

As of today, according to Jaquelina’s World of Warcraft Reputation Calculator, I have another 5 days to go just turning in the dailies before I can get my Netherwing Drake!

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