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Level 80

I finally made it to Level 80, shot off my complimentary fireworks, etc., etc.

Now I’m looking at running instances over and over to get geared up for well, whatever 80s do until the next expansion is released.

Since the game mechanics really don’t change very much, it got me thinking about how an instance would play out in real life. . . .

INT.  Accounting Department – 8:00 am

Accounting Manager

Okay everybody, listen up – it’s tax time
and we have to get the forms filed soon or we’ll start
getting hit with penalties.

Accountant #3

No problem.  Give us the receipts and we’ll get it done right away.

Accounting Manager

Well, that’s the problem.  Last week I was in the Administration Department
and hid the receipts all over – including the Boss’s office.

Accountant #8

Why on earth would you do that?

Accounting Manager

I have no idea – I just did so quit asking questions.

Accountant #3

[Sigh] Okay everybody – let’s go!

Accounting Manager

Not so fast!  We’ve got 30 people in this Department but I think
we need only 25 to get the job done.  The rest of you will be backups.

I know it’s Casual Friday, but everyone has to wear a black suit,
white shirt, gray socks, brown shoes and an ugly tie.


Ummm…I don’t have a suit.

Accounting Manager

Then you better go shopping for one – all accountants have
to wear suits or the Boss will get angry.

Okay, here’s the plan:  everyone in Administration is going
to be mad because of budget cuts.

Ralph and Sally are going to distract the managers with paperwork
while the rest of you search for the receipts.

Fred, bring your dog.  She can sniff out the receipts and
distract the managers if Ralph and Sally lose the paperwork.

Just make sure the dog doesn’t bark because that will alert
everyone to what you’re doing – and don’t forget to check the trash cans!


The Administration Department has a lot of nice office supplies up there.

Accounting Manager

If you find some nice office supplies take whatever you want.


Yay!  I want a pen!

Accounting Manager

George, you can’t have a pen.  You know you can only use a pencil since you
do the ledger entries.

All of you better decide now which office supplies you want because
you won’t have time to argue over it once you’re in the
Administration Department.


The paperwork will distract the managers, but how will we distract the Boss?

Accounting Manager

That’s easy – lots of coffee!  Take a coffee cup and keep feeding
coffee to the Boss.  Mike will bring a coffee pot with him and fill up the cup
when you get low on coffee.

Don’t forget the Boss has two secretaries who are angry that they
had to work overtime on his presentation.
Ralph, you’ll be in charge of feeding the secretaries coffee.

Okay everyone, get it done!

INT. Boss’s Office – 9:45 am

Accountant #15

[Whispers] I think we’ve found all the receipts – let’s get out of here!


I don’t know why all these accountants are in my office,
but thanks for the coffee!

By the way, I had a temper tantrum this morning, tore up
all your paychecks and put the pieces in this box.

Each of you gets to pick ONE piece of paper from the box.
Maybe it’s part of your paycheck, maybe it isn’t.

Now everyone pick a piece of paper and get out of my office!

INT. Accounting Department – 10:07 am

Accounting Manager

How did it go?

Accountant #3

We got all the receipts, but George grabbed a pen, yelled “I Quit!”
and left the building.

Accounting Manager

I was going to fire George anyway.  Did you get the taxes done?

Accountant #3

Yes, everything is ready to be filed and we went out for pizza.

Accounting Manager

Don’t file it yet.  While you were out for pizza I took all the receipts
and re-hid them in the Administration Department.

You’ll have to go back and get all the receipts again.

Accountant #3

But the taxes are already finished – why go back?

Accounting Manager

Because we need to send the receipts with the taxes.

Anyway, if you want your paycheck you’ll have to pick another
piece of paper out of the box in the Boss’s office.

Accountant #3

Won’t we have to pay penalties when the taxes are late?

Accounting Manager

Of course we will, but once you get all the pieces for your paycheck
we’ll take the penalty cost out of your salary.

Now go back and get it done!

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