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Exploration Achievements and the Deviate Hatchling

Once in a while I like to work on the Exploration Achievements.  I had missed a few areas in Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor (including all the Horde areas) and Outland so I decided to spend some time finishing it up.

I had already taken the “death run” into Orgrimmar so I just needed Ghostlands and Silvermoon City in Eversong Woods (Ghostlands was well, a ghost town – no players at all.)

First attempt I didn’t run in far enough to get Silvermoon City “discovered” before a Horde player spotted me and stomped me into the ground (that was fair since I was breaching their territory.)

I found a hiding spot and waited around for a bit, used Eagle Eye to see where I had to go and got it on the second attempt.  I had a bunch of angry NPCs and players running after me but I managed to escape and get the “Explore Eastern Kingdoms” Achievement.

I went to Booty Bay to take the boat over to Rachet and finish up a few areas left in Kalimdor.

Whenever I’m in the area I’ll stop at the Wailing Caverns instance to try for the Deviate Hatchling pet that drops from the Deviate Ravagers and Deviate Guardians.

I guess my luck was holding out because it dropped from about the 5th Deviate Guardian in the instance.

Deviate Hatchling

Deviate Hatchling

I was happy to get this one.  Of all the Hatchlings it’s my favorite because well, it’s purple!

Deviate Hatchling Pet

Deviate Hatchling Pet

I haven’t been doing any “marathon” sessions for this pet so for those who are counting I’m “guesstimating” it took about 20 runs through the instance before it dropped.

I finished my exploring, got the “Explore Kalimdor” and “Explore Outlands” Achievements then headed out to Sholazar Basin to start the Oracles quests.

Oracles Reputation

This is an incredibly long quest line that needs to be completed before one can even start doing the daily quests for reputation.  By the time I unlocked the Oracle dailies I had received the Achievements “Into the Basin” for completing 75 quests, the “Snows of Northrend” and “Hemet Nesingwary: The Collected Quests.”

The quest progression starts with “Playing Along” building reputation first with the Frenzyheart and then switching to the Oracles (a quest progression list can be found at WoWWiki.)

The final quest, “A Hero’s Burden” is where one must defeat Artruis the Heartless and decide which faction – Oracle or Frenzyheart – to save and thus start building reputation.

A Hero’s Burden

This final quest suggests 3 players and bringing along some friends is definitely a good idea!  I entered the cave just as another group had defeated Artruis so I waited for a reset and tried to solo it – not a smart move!

After my Humiliating Run from the Graveyard another player – a Death Knight – entered the cave so we teamed up to try and defeat Artruis (we both wanted to align with the Oracles – it’s important to establish this ahead of time to make sure other players aren’t killing the faction you want to save!)

We both died but did manage to kill Artruis, so once back in the cave we clicked on the Apothecary to complete the quest, congratulated ourselves and went our separate ways.

I headed back to the Oracles to pick up the dailies and no quests!  A quick check of the quest revealed that we had to get the first quest from the saved Oracle Jaloot back in the cave.

I contacted the Death Knight to see if she had picked up the quest but she didn’t either, so I enlisted my Warrior friend to help and back we went to do it all over again – one of those “bang your head against the keyboard moments!”

The fight went a lot easier with 3 players, and this time we made sure we picked up the quests from Jaloot before leaving.

Now it’s just one more daily reputation grind until exalted.

Daily Fishing and Cooking Quests

No Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake (surprise, surprise!) but I did receive an Epic gem as a reward.

Solid Stormjewel

Solid Stormjewel

I suppose this would be nice if I had anything that contained a socket!

Flying Machine

I’ve been skilling up my engineering and found I had enough parts to make myself a new Flying Machine.

Flying Machine

Flying Machine

It’s a lot of fun but blows so much smoke it’s hard to see where you’re going…

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