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Outland Daily Fishing Quest

“Crocolisks in the City” was the quest of the day and I finally received the last Bucket Pet – Chuck.

Chuck's Bucket

Chuck's Bucket

Chuck is perhaps a little more “green” than the other Bucket pets, but it is one more pet towards the “Lil’ Game Hunter” Achievement – two more pets to go!



It would be nice if the last two pets for the Achievement were the spider and Worg pup from the quests in LBRS so if I can find a block of uninterrupted time I’ll try again.

Northrend Daily Fishing Quest

“The Ghostfish” quest finally popped up and that gave me the Chasing Marcia Achievement.  The quest was rather serendipitous because I was heading out to the Nesingwary Base Camp in Sholazar Basin to do the quests for the flight point.

I caught the fish right at the water near the base camp and picked up a few other quests there because I was close to level 77 to purchase Cold Weather Flying.

I had to grind out a few extra Ogres (I’m still mad at them for holding onto those Obsidian Beads) and a few Rhinos (you can never have too much Rhino Meat, Chilled Meat or Borean Leather) to hit level 77, picked up the flight point then headed back to Dalaran to get the Cold Weather Flying.

Now I’m just 3,000 gold short of purchasing the Artisan riding but I hope it won’t take too long – at least I can fly!

Daily Cooking Quests

I’ll bet you can already guess I didn’t get the Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake…

April 2010

Companion Pet – Dancing Fox Kit

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