…on a PvE server.

I’m sure PvP can be fun and a great way to test and hone your skills and abilities but I have yet to see this side of it myself.

What I usually see is PvP quickly deteriorating into High Drama worthy of a Broadway production.

Yes, “Dangerously Delicious” came up again as the Dalaran Daily Fishing Quest, so this time I left all my gear in the bank and headed out to Wintergrasp for another fun-filled session of fishing.

Apparently a battle had just finished so there were a few Horde players hanging around to stomp Alliance players so I got killed about 3 times but here is what we have:

My Toon:

Level 76, Lovely Blue Dress, Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, Fishing Pole

Horde Players:

Level 80, Epic Gear and Weapons, Attention Span – 28 seconds

I get my fish, I win again!

Gear repair costs were only about 20 silver – not even a rip in my Lovely Blue Dress.

So why do I hate PvP?  I don’t care about the fighting or getting killed.

What I really dislike is having to deal with “Baby Boy Drama” players who waste my time and spam my chat with such poorly articulated garbage it’s almost a testament to the decline of 21st century education.

Sorry, but if you can’t spell or form a complete sentence I’m going to assume you’re an idiot and ignore you.

If you’re too lazy to type “you” instead of “u” then I’m going to assume you’re an idiot and ignore you.

If you have to use foul language because you’re too dumb to think of a word with more than one syllable, I’m going to assume you’re an idiot and ignore you.

I’m beginning to suspect that there is no one on my server who has passed elementary school yet – regardless of their age.

So…what did I get in the Bag of Fishing Treasures?  More junk and 2 gold coins worth – surprisingly – 2 gold.  At least I made a profit this time!

I suppose I could just skip “Dangerously Delicious” whenever it’s the quest of the day, but I’m hopeful that at least one time I might get a reward that will make up for all this boring, useless PvP stuff.

The other Daily Cooking and Fishing Quests – nothing but junk.

Oh well.

At least I’m getting close to level 77 and will be able to get the Cold Weather Flying – a few more quests should do it.

Once I can fly I can go to that lovely fishing spot just outside of Wintergrasp to do the quest.  No more PvP!