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Firefly Pet

After about 10 hours over 3 days hunting Bogflare Needlers, I finally had the Captured Firefly drop.

Captured Firefly

Captured Firefly

This definitely took the longest to get of all the dropped pets I’ve been hunting for so far.

Firefly Pet

Firefly Pet

I had read this wonderful article on Random Number Generators (RNG), “Beating the RNG Boss” by Cal Henderson.

Mr. Henderson explains drop rates in a very clear, concise manner that makes sense even to a math-challenged Night Elf!

Once I understood the theory about drop rates, I didn’t bother running a circuit for this pet.  I picked an area with the highest concentration of Bogflare Needlers (a little south of the Orebor Harborage) and stayed there until the pet dropped.

As with the other dropped pets, I didn’t bother counting kills as the number is meaningless statistically.

All it takes is a time investment and a little bit of luck!

Firefly Pet

Firefly Pet

I can make a “guesstimate” based on the number of Cracked Carapaces I received – about 900-1000.  If Carapaces had an auction value I’d not only have a Firefly pet, I’d be swimming in gold!  Unfortunately, Carapaces are only worth a little vendor silver.

So far it’s been averaging about 6 hours time per dropped pet which I suspect is probably average.  Some will be lucky and get a pet quickly, others will not.  It’s all up to the RNG.

Daily Cooking and Fishing Quest

I don’t even want to talk about it…..

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Companion Pet – Dancing Fox Kit

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