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The Kalu’ak

Today is the Big Day – tonight after doing the three daily quests for the Kalu’ak, I should be into Exalted and can finally purchase the Mastercraft Kalua’k Fishing Pole and Nurtured Penguin Egg!

The fishing pole will take a significant chunk of gold to purchase.  I’ve been saving up for the outrageously priced Artisan Riding skill (5000 gold) and the Cold Weather Flying (1000 gold) so the fishing pole will set me back a bit, but I hope I can make the gold back by selling some fish!

The Kalu’ak also have a few very nice armor pieces and weapons I would like to purchase, but unfortunately they can’t be used until levels 76 and 78.

I’ve been neglecting my leveling quests the past couple of days so I’m just a little way into level 76 since killing low level mobs for pets doesn’t give any experience.

I’ll also have to do a bit of research to find the next faction(s) that Exalted reputation would be useful from now until level 80 – anything that doesn’t require running instances!

Pets…what’s next?

I’m only 5 pets away (4 after getting the Nurtured Penguin Egg) from getting the Lil’ Game Hunter Achievement and the Little Fawn’s Salt Lick for the Little Fawn pet.

After picking through the wonderful Warcraft Pets site, there are not very many dropped pets left that I can get (excluding promotions, world events, etc.) other than the Firefly, a few of the Hatchlings and the last Bucket Pet “Chucky”.

The Outland Daily Fishing Quest was “Crocolisks in the City” again, but I didn’t get Chucky – heck, I didn’t even get a fish hook!


Unlike merely grinding mobs for a pet, the most accessible Hatchlings are spawned from nests and would require long “camping” times or sheer luck to find one.

I was extremely lucky to find the Razormaw Hatchling from a nest inside about the center of the cave in the Wetlands the first time I looked, but since the nests seem to be on very long spawn timers and camped quite a bit by bots, it’s not a very time-efficient way of getting a pet.

At least with killing mobs, most will produce something that can be auctioned, vendored or skinned so that at bit of gold can be made for the time investment.


I’ve been spending an hour or two the last couple of nights killing Bogflare Needlers for the Firefly pet but no luck yet.

I suspect getting this pet will require another “marathon” session as there are fewer Bogflare Needlers than Dreaming and Adolescent Whelps!

The drop rate is about the same but with fewer mobs to drop the pet – another very long grind!  I’m not in any hurry for this pet.  If I can reach my 75 pets before I get the Firefly I won’t bother with it for now.


I might try and solo this over the weekend to get the spider and Worg pup pets.  I’ve been watching the Auction House hoping to purchase a few stacks of Health potions but so far nothing useful has been listed except for one or two stacks with a buyout price of over 100 gold – much more than I am willing to pay.

Maybe I’ll get very lucky and find a player or two who would be willing to help me through it.

World Event Pets

The Children’s Week event is coming up and perhaps that would be a good opportunity to pick up another pet or two although they are all so cute it will be hard to decide which to get.

Daily Cooking Quests

I suppose I don’t even have to write it anymore but I will just for the record:  No Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake!

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