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To be honest, I expected this to be longest, toughest, most mind-numbing grind of all the dropped pets.

Unlike the majority of other dropped pets, the Disgusting Oozeling has more restrictions attached to it than any other pet I’ve attempted to find.

First, the Disgusting Oozeling is a random drop found in an Oozing Bag.
Second, only Oozelings at about levels 51-62 will randomly drop the bag containing the pet.

The chances of an Oozeling actually having a bag are estimated to be about 1%-3.5%, and the chances of a bag containing the Disgusting Oozeling pet is 1.5% (source: WoWWiki-Disgusting Oozeling).

I’m not a math expert, but to me it seems that getting the pet based on percentages, loot tables, etc. – well, let’s just assume it’s going to be a very long grind.

After spending about 3 hours a night for the past couple of days, the Disgusting Oozeling pet dropped.

Disgusting Oozeling

Disgusting Oozeling

I was quite surprised (and happy!) as I expected to spend a few hours a night for at least a week or two (maybe more) before finding one!

Finding a Disgusting Oozeling

There are four recommended places to find the Disgusting Oozeling – Ungoro Crater, Felwood, Western and Eastern Plaguelands (the pros and cons of each area are discussed here at WoWHead.)

I did a “test run” of each area and this is what I found:

  • Ungoro Crater – Oozes are spread out and it takes time to travel around and find them – not very efficient
  • Felwood – there are two areas containing a small number of Oozes (actually there are 3 areas but one area has lower-level Oozes.)  I found the respawn rates to be quite slow.
  • Western Plaguelands – Oozes found in the Weeping Cave that share a spawn with the Decaying Horror elemental so everything must be killed to ensure the next spawn will contain Oozes.
  • Eastern Plaguelands – Oozes found in the two scars with a fast respawn rate but there is some travel “downtime” between the areas.

I decided to concentrate my efforts at the the Western and Eastern Plaguelands.  I found the Weeping Cave to be the fastest and most efficient even though the Decaying Horrors needed to be killed along with the Oozes.

The one downside to the cave is that when the Devouring Oozes are killed, they will spawn 3 or 4 “baby” oozelings that will attack when you get close enough to loot.   This could be a problem for lower levels as it is possible the attacks could do enough damage to kill you – be prepared!

As a Hunter I would just use a ranged attack, send in the pet and then fire a Volley shot that would take care of the problem.

The respawn rates were extremely fast and there were also better drops – most notable the Recipe: Greater Nature Protection Potion and a variety of herbs.

Unlike the Whelplings, there is nothing to skin in the cave so collecting drops that can be sold makes the time a little profitable.

I spent most of my time in the Weeping Cave and when my bags were full I would fly to Light’s Hope Chapel to vendor the trash, run a quick circuit of the the scars and fly back to the Western Plaguelands.

The first night I only received about 8 bags, none of which contained the pet.  Six bags were in the cave and two bags were found in the scars.

The second night was much better – first run gave me 12 bags in the cave and 6 bags from the scars.  The second time I ran the cave I received 3 bags – the second bag contained the pet.

Disgusting Oozeling Pet

Disgusting Oozeling Pet

The first time in the cave I also ran into the rare spawn The Husk but it only dropped a Living Essence and a couple of herbs.

The Husk

The Husk

Other than getting enough Lifeless Skulls and Broken Weapons to open a museum, I also found approximately 22 Recipe: Greater Nature Protection Potion, one blue item Pattern: Living Breastplate, 2 Thorium Lockboxes, 13 Living Essence, 3 Aquamarine, the usual plethora of greys and a variety of herbs.

Disgusting Oozeling Debuff

What makes this pet special is that it is the only companion pet that will give a small debuff to it’s owner whenever it is out.

This will turn you and your mount (but not a hunter pet) green and as an added “bonus”, will reduce your resistance and defence by -20.

Disgusting Oozeling Pet with Debuff

Disgusting Oozeling Pet with Debuff

It also seems quite fond of Dark Iron Ale…..

Dark Iron Ale

Dark Iron Ale

Side Note: No Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake again! I’m beginning to believe it isn’t the Cake that is a lie, it’s the recipe!

Update:  All right, I can’t stand it anymore – I’ve got to get that spider pet and Worg pup from LBRS!

No PUGs, no friends, no Epic gear – just me, my faithful pet, my “greenie” gear and stacks of Health and Invisibility potions.  I expect to be killed several times but as long as I can find my way back in, bring it on!

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