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I finally received the Recipe: Stormchops from the Dalaran Daily Cooking quest.  No Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake yet, but I’m happy to get the Stormchops recipe as it one of the last three I need for The Outland Gourmet Achievement.

Recipe: Stormchops

Recipe: Stormchops

Nothing useful (other than a stack of Warp Meat) from the Outland Daily Cooking and Fishing quests, but I’m more hopeful now!

Stormchops require Clefthoof Meat and a Lightening Eel.  Since I had to go out to Nagrand for the Outland Fishing quest, I picked up a little stack of Clefthook meat and then did a bit of research to find out where to catch Lightening Eels.

These can be caught in a few places and the best place appeared to be Deadwind Pass.  I had no idea Deadwind Pass was such a great fishing spot – one can catch a variety of fish used in a few recipes – one stop shopping!

I had already fished there for the Bloodfin Catfish (Recipe: Broiled Bloodfin) so I was back again for a few Lightening Eels.

I fished up more Bloodfin Catfish, about 4 Lightening Eels and I also fished up quite a few Crescent-Tail Skullfish.  These are used in the Recipe: Skullfish Soup also required for the achievement.  I haven’t received that recipe yet but I’m ready with the fish whenever it drops!

Northern Exposure Achievement

I had just finished the last Kalu’ak daily (The Way to His Heart…) and was running back to the water to hop on my Sea Turtle and turn in the quest when I ran smack into a giant penguin…King Ping!

King Ping

King Ping

I’d like to say it was a “fierce battle” but it was quite easy to defeat the mighty King Ping and get the Northern Exposure Achievement.

King Ping Defeated

King Ping Defeated

I believe King Ping always drops one variety of the Egg-Warming Blanket, and it also dropped an Abandoned Adventurer’s Satchel that contained a few Frostweave Cloth and Crystallized Life.

I received the Egg-Warming Blanket of the Invoker – not much use for a Hunter so I might put it on the Auction House as a spell caster would probably find it more interesting.

Egg-Warming Blanket of the Invoker

Egg-Warming Blanket of the Invoker

If I had a flying mount I might have completely missed King Ping!

Now, if only I could get that Delicious Chocolate Cake recipe…

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