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I finished up a few quests last night that almost gave me enough experience to reach level 74.  I was a couple of thousand short so I just did some power grinding until I hit 74, then few off to the Amberpine Lodge to get the Magical Kingdom of Dalaran quest and poof!  I’m in Dalaran!

First thing I see is the Dalaran Daily Fishing Quest, so I picked that up and then went to the Inn to get the Daily Cooking Quest.

Dalaran Daily Cooking Quest

I’ve been striking out with the Outland Daily Cooking quests – just meat and junk – no recipes, so the Dalaran quests give me another chance at that Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake.

The cooking quest was “Mustard Dogs!” – very easy but no recipe reward – two bags of Northern Spices and two cooking awards.  The cooking awards can be used to purchase new recipes, spices and the lovely Chef’s Hat.  The hat costs 100 cooking awards so it might be a long time before I can buy it!

Dalaran Daily Fishing Quest

The quest I pulled was “Dangerously Delicious” and yes, it turned out to be quite dangerous!

The Terrorfish are caught in Wintergrasp waters.  Wintergrasp is a Combat zone with battles running about every three hours.  The timer was at approximately 1 hour 45 minutes so I figured I had plenty of time to get the fish and get out of there!

I kept an eye on the timer anyway because Wintergrasp automatically turns on PvP and the last thing a gear-challenged level 74 Night Elf needed was to be caught in the middle of a battle with well-geared level 80s!

It took me a few minutes to find the exit outside, I spotted some open water, equipped my fishing pole, ran towards the water and just about ran into a pack of level 80 elementals.

Not just any level 80 elementals – elementals with about 5 times my health points, so I backed up and considered my options:

  1. Drop the quest and hope I get something a little less dangerous tomorrow
  2. Go for it

Since I was already there I decided on Option 2.  After all, the worst that could happen is I die a few times and/or can’t complete the quest.

I watched them for a few minutes to establish their travel paths, picked out about 3 I had to kill to get to the water, and hoped I could pick them off one at a time without them swarming me.

I managed to kill them (they didn’t swarm) with quite a bit of health loss for me but at least I didn’t die.

I found a “sweet spot” at the water where I could fish without any elementals traveling close enough to aggro and attack.

Got my fish before the timer ran out, hearthstoned back to Dalaran and turned in the quest.

I was hoping after all that I would get a nice reward in the Bag of Fishing Treasures, but all I received were a couple of Elixer of Water Walking and a Fantasy Portrait.

Oh well.

I brought out my Hyacinth Macaw to cheer me up and spent the rest of my time looking through the Dalaran vendor shops and fishing out a few coins in the fountain.

Noblegarden Achievement

There are a lot of Horde in Dalaran, especially around the bank so this was a great opportunity to finish up the Shake Your Bunny-Maker Achievement.  I needed to find a female Orc, Tauren and Undead and after staking out the bank I found the Tauren and Undead.

Female Undead are easy to spot, but female Taurens?  Unless they have an obviously “female” name it’s about a 50/50 chance at whether the toon is male or female.  Took me a couple of tries but I found one!

I didn’t see a female Orc (or one that was obviously female) so I’ll try again tonight – after all the dailies, of course!

I better start reading up on all the fun stuff to do in Dalaran…

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