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So….I’m about a level and a smidge away from 80 and have reached a bit of a dilemma.  My gear is way below the curve for doing any of those wonderful (?) fun things 80’s do except the daily cooking, fishing and reputation quests.

Not that I’m in a big hurry to do raiding.  There’s just something about running the same thing over and over again to get gear so one can run the next thing over and over again that well, just doesn’t seem like much fun.

Yes, the dailies I’m running now are repetitive but at least there is a little variety in the rewards (except that stupid Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake!) and reputation purchases.

Unlike the dailies, the optimal raid specs for each class have already been determined so one knows exactly what pieces of gear, gems, enchants, etc. is required.  There is no need to do anything else except run it over and over again until one meets the specs.

I suppose there is method in that madness – after all, Blizzard needs to keep level-maxed players busy until the next expansion and repeating content ad nasium is one way to do it.

I’ve missed the usual gear progression running instances.  I’ll admit it’s my own fault because I gave up on instances while leveling up.  By the time I managed to be in a group that could actually complete an instance, I had already out-leveled any gear that might drop and didn’t win it in a roll anyway.

The LFD feature has a few advantages that put together a suitable group for a run, but it doesn’t (and can’t) screen out the socially stupid element that will intentionally wipe for fun, kick out decent players for no good reason, quit without notice and generally just be an idiot.

I know there are intelligent players out there and getting a good mix of people can make an instance fun, but I have not seen it – once.

Other than instances and a few reputation rewards and/or crafted pieces, I’m not really sure of any way to get decently geared for PvE so I at least have the option of participating in other content.

At this point I don’t even think the LFD feature would consider me geared enough to run anything at all if I bite the bullet and make a determined effort to run instances.

I’m not even sure how much I should (or can) backtrack to get caught up.  I have a lot of quests still waiting in Northrend so that will keep me busy until I figure out what to do – other than rolling another toon and starting all over.

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