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Mr. Pinchy….Again?

I was fishing to get a few fish required for the recipes listed in the Outland Gourmet Achievement and I’m guessing the drop rates on Mr. Pinchy have increased significantly because I caught my third Mr. Pinchy last night, and I know I’m not that lucky!

Although the text stated there were three charges, it immediately began a cooldown in sync with my two other Mr. Pinchys before I could click for a “wish.”

I don’t know much about cooldown rates but it does appear that all the Mr. Pinchys are on a global cooldown timer so it might mean that catching multiple Mr. Pinchys before one has completed the three charges essentially negates the other Mr. Pinchys.

Three Mr. Pinchys on cooldown

Three Mr. Pinchys on cooldown

Assuming one is mainly interested in Mr. Pinchy for the Magical Crawdad pet, this might or might not affect the chances of getting the pet since it would not be “seen” or “offered” if one has already installed it.

Technically, I would have expected to get the first “wish” from Mr. Pinchy the Third immediately after it was caught – and it did state three charges – but since it was on the global cooldown I was unable to click it.

So….on Mr. Pinchy the First I received the Magical Crawdad Pet.  First click on Mr. Pinchy the Second produced nothing (I assume it was the pet again, but since I already had it nothing showed), second click on Mr. Pinchy the First gave Benevolent Mr. Pinchy and I have been unable to click Mr. Pinchy the Second or Third because of the cooldown.

I have one charge left on Mr. Pinchy the First…it will be interesting to see if I am able to get any “wishes” from the other two Mr. Pinchys once the first one is finished.

Update:  According to El’s Extreme Anglin’ Mr. Pinchys are not unique and do share a cooldown, so I just might get all my wishes after all.

Cooking and Fishing Achievements

I wish I had less luck with Mr. Pinchy and more luck getting recipes from the Outland Daily Cooking Quests.

I did luck out getting the only recipe from the Outland Daily Fishing Quest – Captain Rumsey’s Lager – but no sign of the Delicious Chocolate Cake, Stormchops or Skullfish Soup.

I admit I haven’t picked the Barrel of Fish as a reward yet so I might have a good chance at the Skullfish Soup.  I’ve been picking the Crate of Meat because it purportedly has a slightly better chance of containing the Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake and Recipe: Stormchops.

After receiving essentially junk in the Cooking and Fishing Daily rewards, I decided to at least complete cooking all the recipes I could for The Outland Gourmet cooking achievement.

Thus I learned an important lesson – pick up all the recipes from vendors and quests the first time you are there!

I had to fly all over Outland to pick up recipes I had missed, including doing the quest chain for Buzzard Bites in Hellfire Peninsula.

Once I learned the recipes, I had to spend time flying to all the fishing pools to get the required fish.

Interestingly enough, the Recipe: Broiled Bloodfin is dropped from the Outland Daily Cooking Quest reward Barrel of Fish, but the Bloodfin Catfish for the recipe is found only in the Zul’Aman instance or the waters at Deadwind Pass.

I certainly wasn’t motivated enough to run an instance just to get one fish, so I took the long trip to Deadwind Pass and caught a Bloodfin Catfish on my first cast.

Fishing all the pools did give me the Outland Angler Achievement and now it’s just a waiting game and luck of the draw to get the Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake, Recipe: Stormchops and Recipe: Skullfish Soup to finish the cooking achivement.

According to my calculations, Drop Rates x Barrel of Fish/Crate of Meat = Very Long Wait.

March 2010

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