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More Ogres and Beads

I guess my calculations were off because I was still killing Ogres and had only collected about 21 Obsidian Beads when the Oh My, Kurenai and The Diplomant Achievements popped up – hooray – finally Exalted!

I flew back to Telaar, turned in the beads I had (they are soulbound so they can’t be sold or traded) and went to the Quartermaster to pick up my new Tabard and Talbuk Mount!

Kurenai Tabard

Kurenai Tabard

There were 8 Talbuk mounts available – four riding and four war in white, tan, cobalt and silver.

White Riding Talbuk

White Riding Talbuk

I couldn’t decide which ones to get so I just purchased them all – that popped up the Stable Keeper Achievement.

Cobalt War Talbuk

Cobalt War Talbuk

I had been looking at several hundred cloth turn-ins to reach Exalted with Stormwind for the Horse mount, but I think the Talbuks look a lot better so this will save me a lot of cloth for now.

I also purchased a nice 18-slot Worg Hide Quiver.  I was so excited about the mounts I forget to pick up the Blackened Leather Spaulders so I’ll buy them the next time I’m in town.

I never want to see another Ogre or Obsidian Bead again….

A New Fishing Pole

I had missed the quest to pick up Nat’s Lucky Fishing Pole, and now that I can do the Outland Daily Fishing Quests this seemed like a good time to get it.

The quest itself isn’t difficult but does require catching specific fish in Feralas, Desolace, Stranglethorn Vale and Swamp of Sorrows that is quite a long travel time.

I already had Seth’s Graphite Fishing Pole with better “fighting” stats but it only give a +20 fishing bonus and Nat’s Lucky Fishing Pole gives a +25 bonus.

According to El’s Extreme Anglin’ site (a must-read for anyone interested in fishing!) this is one of the better lower level poles to get unless one wins a Fishing Competition.

I suppose one only needs better fighting stats if one forgets to switch back to a weapon – that a fishing pole needs weapon stats at all just tells me I’m not the only one who has run into battle with a fishing pole!

Outland Daily Fishing Quest

Equipped with my new fishing pole, I picked up my first Daily Fishing Quest and luckily pulled an easy one – Bait Bandits – to catch a Blackfin Darter in a Terokkar Forest.

Glad I had read about the quest from El’s Extreme Anglin’ site as the Small Lake was very close to the Quest giver (Old Man Barlo) and was free from hostile mobs.

It only took about 10 casts to get the fish and received my Bag of Fishing Treasures.  I didn’t get any of the rare items, just a few Sharpened Fish Hooks that gives a nice +100 boost for 10 minutes.

Outland Daily Cooking Quest

This time I pulled the Soup for the Soul quest – very easy as I already had the Recipe: Roasted Clefthoof and a stack of Clefthoof Meat.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any recipes with the Reward, but that’s the nice thing about dailies – you get another chance tomorrow!

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