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Kurenai Reputation

Compared with the Timbermaw Hold and the Sporeggar, grinding Kurenai reputation is mind-numbing.

The Kurenai Reputation Guide shows a lot of quests spread out over Zangarmarsh and Nagrand, but after completing all except one, my reputation was only partly into Revered.

The one quest I haven’t completed yet is Wanted: Durn the Hungerer worth about 700 reputation points.  Durn is a rather large Gronn and although size doesn’t matter in WoW, health points do matter and Gronn has over 100,000.

The quest recommends a group of 5 to take it down and that is probably a good idea for players in the 66-70 range.  I’m guessing a well-geared level 80 toon could solo this one, but it’s just a suicide run for a gear-challenged Night Elf.

So, until I can recruit a group to help me, the only other reputation option is grinding Ogres for Obsidian Beads.

Unlike the Sporeggar who give 750 points per quest and turn-in of 6 Fertile Spores, Ogres are only worth 10 points/kill and 500 points for 10 Obsidian Beads.

The Obsidian Beads drop rate is about 1 in 3 so that is a lot of Ogres!

Fortunately they tend to hang around caves so one doesn’t need to fly all over Nagrand looking for them and they have a fairly fast respawn rate so one can simply pick a cave and run a circuit.

I picked a cave fairly close to Telaar and spent a few hours grinding for beads.  The turn-in and kills took me to about 18,272/21,000 Revered – only 2728 left to Exalted!

Assuming I get one Obsidian Bead drop for every 3 Ogres, 10 x 3 + 500 = 530 reputation points for 30 Ogres and 1 turn-in of 10 beads.

2728/530 = 5.14 rounded up to 6 is, well, a lot more Ogres than I want to think about!

Daily Cooking Quest

I reached level 70 a couple of days ago and had forgotten about the Outland Daily Cooking Quest so I decided to take a break from Ogres and give it a try as the rewards had the possibility of including the Recipe: Kibler’s Bits or Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake (who doesn’t love Chocolate Cake?)

The quest I received was Revenge is Tasty which requires 1 x Giant Kaliri Wing and 3 x Warp Burgers.

The Kaliri wing was fun to get – the Kaliri fly quite high so one must fly up to them, engage an attack and lure them towards the ground so they can be killed.

They do have a nasty ability that can knock you off your mount and cause you plummet to ground losing a lot of health points, but if you work fast you can sometimes pull more than one.

I didn’t have the recipe for the Warp Burgers so I picked that up on my way to get the Warped Flesh.  This drops from a variety of Warp beasts and the handiest was the Warp Stalkers in Terokkar Forest.

They have a stealth ability and if not engaged will disappear before one gets into range.  This was one of those moments where being a Hunter was an advantage as I could send in the pet to engage while I was still out of range thus keeping it from vanishing.

I stocked up on Warped Flesh for future dailies, completed the quest and picked the Crate of Meat as a reward – in it was the Recipe: Kibler’s Bits – a nice buff for my pet!

Meanwhile, back to the Ogre caves….

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