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The Benefits

I only had a few motivations to reach Exalted with the Sporeggar:

  • the Tiny Spore Bat pet
  • the Tabard
  • counts towards the Diplomat Achievement

Exalted will also give the Czar of Sporeggar Achievement and a few of the quests gave me the extra points I needed for the Mysteries of the Marsh Achievement.

I’ll admit I really just wanted the Tiny Spore Bat pet as I’m working on the Lil Game Hunter Achievement and well, it’s just so darn cute.

Tiny Spore Bat Pet

Tiny Spore Bat Pet

Also, I personally believe their Tabard is one of the best in the game and the first one I’ve bothered to equip (giving the Represent Achievement.)

Sporeggar Tabard and Tiny Spore Bat Pet

Sporeggar Tabard and Tiny Spore Bat Pet

Since the Sporeggar use Glowcaps as currency, their reputation rewards cost nothing in gold (which is probably why there is a time limit to allow one to return an item as none can be vendored and most are BoP.)

I also picked up the Sporeling Snack (nice buff for a pet and if you are grinding for Reputation you will end up with a ton of Strange Spores) and the Recipe: Clam Bar (both available at Neutral.)

Alchemists might be interested in the Recipe: Transmute Primal Earth to Water (Revered) and there are a few other rewards that might be useful to some classes.

Getting to Exalted

As with the Timbermaw Hold, I followed the Reputation Strategy and picked up Cenarian Expedition quests as there are drops that can be used for both factions.

Keep an eye on the quests for these factions as you work your way up in Reputation – some quests cannot be turned in or kills for certain mobs count after reaching Neutral and Honored.

Only the Marsh Lurkers and Marsh Dredgers (found in and around one cave in the South East) will continue to give 15 reputation points per kill from Unfriendly to Exalted.  If you want to grind some reputation at the cave, be sure to pick up the Cenarian Expedition Quest chain from Ikeyen to get nice experience points and rewards as well:

  • A Damp, Dark Place (begins with The Unbrafen Tribe quest)
  • Saving the Sporelocks
  • Safeguarding the Watchers (2 player but I easily did this solo)

Without the quests, at only 15 reputation points per kill, the cave alone would be quite a long grind to Exalted.

Interestingly enough, unlike the named furbolgs that give extra reputation points for the Timbermaw Hold, killing Lord Klaq did not give any reputation points at all.

Another downside is the cave is a very busy spot with many players questing, grinding for reputation or drops.  There just are not enough mobs inside for everyone unless you can find a quiet time when no one else is around, so except for completing quests, it might be better to combine this with repeatable quests or not bother with it at all.

Sporeggar Reputation Rewards

Sporeggar Reputation Rewards

Repeatable Quests

There are three repeatable quests with the Sporeggar that will give Reputation to Exalted:

  • Now That We’re Friends….(starter) and Now That We’re Still Friends…(repeat) involves killing Nagas (6 Bloodscale Enchantresses and 12 Bloodscale Slavedrivers)
  • Fertile Spores (starter) and More Fertile Spores (repeat) (6 per turn-in) dropped from Spore Bats, Fen Striders and Marsh Walkers
  • Bring Me Shrubbery! (starter) and Bring Me More Shrubbery! (repeat) Sanguine Hibiscus (5 per turn-in) collected and dropped in the Underbog instance

We didn’t have a group for the Underbog instance but decided to take a peek inside to see if we could grab a few Sanguine Hibiscus for the turn-in – not recommended!

Unless you are a high enough level to solo this instance, it would be better to pick up the quests, get a group together and collect the Sanguine Hibiscus during the run.

Now that the Underbog was ruled out, the choices were narrowed to running the cave, killing the Nagas and collecting the Fertile Spores.

Now That We’re Still Friends…

The repeatable quests give 750 reputation points per turn-in and at first it seemed that the Naga quest would be the most efficient since it involved straight kills without hoping for random drops (Fertile Spores dropped about 1 in 3.)

That seemed good in theory until we got there – the Nagas are densely packed on land and in the water with Enchantresses far out-numbering the Slavedrivers.

The Enchantresses also have a few nasty tricks up their sleeve – Arcane Missiles, Ice Barriers, and worst of all – Freezing Circle.  If trapped in the Freezing Circle, it will be long enough for the mobs to beat down your Health quite a bit – if not kill you.

The Freezing Circle can be avoided by running, but only if you have a clear path to run into, otherwise the odds are fairly good you will simply pull more mobs.

Other strategies I’ve read about suggest killing the mobs in the water or pulling them into a cleared water area.  This might work but would extend the time it takes complete the quest.  If one is looking at 15 or 20 turn-ins, it could be a very long grind.

Working on this quest solo, it would take about 15 or 20 minutes to complete (assuming I didn’t die at some point) not including the time it would take to run back to Sporeggar to turn in the quest and pick it up again.  It’s not very far, but time is Reputation points!

After 4 or 5 turn-ins, I enlisted my Warrior friend to help assuming that two of us working on it would be a little faster and it did make the runs a bit shorter, but looking at repeating that quest about 20 times (not including the gear repair costs) did not seem very efficient.

More Fertile Spores

At first this also appears to be a long grind as the mobs that drop Fertile Spores are spread all over Zangarmash.

Fortunately I read a comment about it at Wowhead and sure enough, lots of Spore Bats in one location!

There are also Basillisks in the area that can give a nasty stun and a few Ogres walking around, but there is a “sweet spot” in the middle between the two areas containing Basilliks that contains only Spore Bats with a very high drop rate of Fertile Spores.

The respawn rate is also very fast, so I stayed in that area to avoid the Basillisks to save time and managed to collect about the 102 Fertile Spores I needed in about 2 hours to get to Exalted.  Since they stack it also avoids running back to complete every quest as with the Nagas.

Next – Exalted with the Kurenai – I’ve heard rumors they have a nice Talbuk mount…

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