Arcanite Dragonling

Finally had an opportunity to try out the Arcanite Dragonling, and it’s a fairly big one.

Arcanite Dragonling

Arcanite Dragonling

I’m not sure how useful these are, but they might give one a few seconds to heal up or escape if necessary.

A New Guild and More Baby Boy (Guild) Drama

My Warrior friend and I have been on the hunt for a good guild and have tried out a few in the past four or five months.

The first two we tried – well, it was difficult to tell what type of guilds they were as there was little or no communication – not even a website or any indication of rules, policies, etc.

The only discussion on the second guild consisted of how it used to be a good guild and now everyone was jumping ship – not something new members would like to hear.

So a couple of weeks ago a recruiter asked us about joining their guild, advertising it as a “casual, friendly atmosphere.”  Sounded good to us so we quit the guild we were in and joined.

If there was anyone over the age of 12 in that guild I would have been surprised.  The guild chat was constantly spammed for hours with “LOL”, “$)(%*#$)(“, “ALL CAPS”, rude sexist/racist jokes and whining about how they couldn’t get dates (what a shock.)

After a few days I was “promoted” but my friend was not.  As we had joined at the same time, he was curious as to why he wasn’t promoted.  There was no information at all about rankings or criteria, so I suggested he contact the guild master or an officer to ask about it.

He sent off a question about it and received no reply.  The next night a whole bunch of people were kicked out of the guild including my friend.  I had not been kicked so I asked why my friend had been kicked out – the answer “Because he was begging for a promotion”.

Begging?  Asking about a policy that you don’t post anywhere is begging?  I saw the note he wrote and it was certainly not “begging”.

I told them as much, and by this point it was obvious that this guild was either run by a bunch of children or idiotic, socially-challenged adults.

I immediately quit the guild and after a discussion with my friend, we started our own guild.

It didn’t take very long to get enough signatures for the Charter, and most of the players have stayed.  So far it’s been a relief not to see the Guild chat spammed with constant Baby Boy Drama and “kiddie” talk.

Hopefully we can attract a few like-minded people – it’s shaping up to be a nice guild – think I’ll stay.