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I thought I’d have to pass on the Jubling pet this round since it’s unlikely I could sneak into the “bar” to purchase Dark Iron Ale Mugs for the quest but I found a couple at the Auction House, completed the quest and received the Unhatched Jubling Egg.

It has a 7-day cool down so in about a week I’ll have another pet to add towards the Shop Smart, Shop Pet…Smart Achievement – a little closer to getting the Skunk pet.

Jubling will give me 43/50 pets… seven more to go!

I suppose if I had a lot of gold I could just purchase the rest from the Auction House.  Since I don’t (I’m saving up for some better gear, a Duel spec, flying mount) I’ll have to find some other way to get them – grinding, reputation, etc.

Back to the Bug Hunts – ugh.

Mithril and Arcanite Dragonlings

After grinding so long for that elusive Schematic: Arcanite Dragonling I was looking forward to making one.

All it requires is 1 x Mithril Dragonling and 4 x Delicate Arcanite Converters.

I had all the materials to make the Mithril Dragonling but needed an Alchemist to make the Arcanite Bars for the Delicate Arcanite Converters.

I had gathered all the materials for Arcanite Bars – just couldn’t find an Alchemist to make them for me.  So back to the Auction House and luckily I managed to find the four I needed at a minimum cost.

Mithril Dragonling

Mithril Dragonling

I went down to Goldshire to make the Dragonlings – I didn’t equip the Mithril Dragonling because I wasn’t sure if once it was equipped, it could still be used for the Arcanite Dragonling.  Better to be safe than have to make another one!

I don’t know how it is on other servers, but on mine Goldshire is a very busy “Dueling” spot – one can’t walk across the street without a couple of Duel Challenges popping up.

I normally don’t bother with Dueling – tried it a few times, got my Achievement and haven’t bothered with it since (I’m not a big PvP fan.)

My Warrior/Blacksmith friend had given me the tip that if one needed a forge it was actually faster going from Stormwind to Goldshire than through those twisty-turny streets to the Dwarven District – and he’s right.

Once I had made my Arcanite Dragonling, I was almost tempted to take up a Duel challenge just for the “surprise” factor of calling a fighting Dragonling.

I know that players can inspect your gear, but if one swaps out a trinket at the last second….surprise!

Would that be considered “fair play”?  I don’t know – I assume that in a PvP situation anything goes – you’re expected to use everything thing you have to your advantage.

So…I just might try it sometime.

One time when I accepted a Duel with someone from a caster class, he became quite angry when I sent in my pet to attack, Feigned Death and just stayed there until the pet wore him down.

If you don’t know what tricks a Hunter class has, then perhaps you should find out before challenging one to a duel!

I believe Dueling would be a great way to practice one’s technique and try out a few different things if some players would take it in the spirit of fun and not get “stupid” or abusive about it (Baby Boy Drama at it’s best.)

Unfortunately I run across more of the “stupid” ones so I just don’t bother.

I haven’t had a chance to try out the Arcanite Dragonling yet – I’ll bring it out next time I’m fighting mobs and see what happens.

Arcanite Dragonling

Arcanite Dragonling

Snowmaster 9000

I gathered up the materials for the Snowmaster 9000 and made one of those as well while I was in Goldshire.

It will only create one snowball a day but that will be enough to bring out my Reindeer pet once in a while instead of waiting until the next Winter Veil event or paying over 100 gold a stack at the Auction House.

Snowmaster 9000

Snowmaster 9000

I know, a rather “useless” Engineering toy but that is what Engineering is all about – useless toys!

The Engineering profession could really use an overhaul….

March 2010

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