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Bug Hunts

Ugh.  You know those seemingly endless quests that are nothing more than “kill x of y to get z” – what I like to call “bug hunts” (with respect to the second “Aliens” movie).

No matter how much (or how little) “story” is involved to give the impression it’s interesting it’s really nothing more than a long, boring grind.

I’ll usually pass on those unless 1) the reward/experience is exceptional or 2) I’m helping a friend to get it done faster.

The absolute worst, most boring Bug Hunts of them all are the quests in the Blasted Lands.  You get through one or two mind-numbing quests of “get x Basilisk brains” and get y Vulture gizzards” only to find the next set in the chain is the same thing with minor variations.

After doing one or two of these and finding out the rewards are less than useful, I cheerfully abandoned all the Blasted Lands quests and moved on.

I suspect that whoever designed the Blasted Lands quests was either too burned out to come up with something interesting and just made everything a bug hunt or was one of those game designers who played too many “punish”-type games as a child.

So, unless bug hunt quests meet either of the two criteria above I’m more than happy to just ignore them especially those involving beasts.

Until I took a long look at….


I admit I haven’t been too concerned about Reputations with other Factions other than getting to Exhaulted with Stormwind simply to get the horse mounts, or the Timbermaw Furbolg to get through their tunnel.

Lately I’ve been taking a closer look at the Reputation awards for various Factions and there really isn’t anything of great use for a Hunter (perhaps these need to be updated?)

I’m not including Battleground-type Factions that will at least allow one to purchase a few nice pieces of armor or weapons – just those that focus more on trinkets or professions.

The Timbermaw Hold, for example will allow one to purchase a variety of patterns for a few professions as one progresses towards Exhaulted (unfortunately Engineering isn’t one of them.)  The final “reward” is a “Defender of the Timbermaw” trinket that will call a Timbermaw Ancestor to fight for and heal you for about 30 seconds.

Building reputation (other than certain quests and subsequent spillovers) is often in the form of repeatable quests that – surprise – involve “kill x of y to get z” – sound familiar?

So, if one wants to get Exhaulted with a Faction, eventually it’s back to the Bug Hunt.

A long reputation grind for the Timbermaw Furbolgs just isn’t worth the time investment (although I admit I’m a little tempted to get the trinket just to be able to call a Furbolg once in a while.)

I’ve only found a few Factions that might be worth the grind – Stormwind (as mentioned above), the Sporelings for the pet, and maybe the Epic Winterspring Frostsaber mount.

Just what I need….another bug hunt.

Arcanite Dragonling

I admit Winterspring is one of my favorite areas in the game.  I love the snow, the Yetis, the blue Chimeras and yes, even the Dragonkin (except those nasty little Whelpings that sometimes drain all your mana with one shot.)

So spending a lot of time there hunting Cobalt Mageweavers for the elusive Schematic: Arcanite Dragonling hasn’t been too unpleasant.

Last night, the Schematic dropped.

Schematic: Arcanite Dragonling

Schematic: Arcanite Dragonling

I almost missed it.  I had changed the setting to “Auto Loot” so when it flashed by I assumed it was just another Recipe: Greater Arcane Protection Potion.

After the bad wipe in the cave the other night I decided just to work on the Cobalt Mageweavers outside and it dropped after hunting down about 6 Mageweavers.

As excited as I am to finally get this schematic, I’m almost a little sad that I don’t have a reason to visit Winterspring anymore.

The Epic Dazzling Sword I found and put up at the Auction House sold for a couple of hundred gold, so I have enough gold now to buy materials to make the Mithril and Arcanite Dragonlings.

I just need to track down an Alchemist to make the Arcanite bars for the Delicate Arcanite Converters.

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