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Darkmoon Faire and Catching Flik

The Darkmoon Faire began in Elwynn Forest on Sunday, and this was another opportunity to pick up a couple of Frog pets!

Unfortunately, I’m not a high enough level yet to pick up the Jubling quest with subsequent Jubling Frog companion pet, so this round I was limited to just trying to catch the little frog vendor Flik.

Flik sells two frogs (and a Leather Ball that can be made by Leatherworkers).  One frog is a common Tree Frog (he always has one) but the other is a time-limited Wood Frog.  This is a little like the Lil Timmy White Kitten – he only has one and if it’s been purchased you have to wait again for the next spawn.

Darkmoon Faire Tree Frog

Darkmoon Faire Tree Frog

The good news is the respawn time of the Wood Frog is only about 20 minutes or so – if you miss it, hang around – he’ll have another one.

That is probably why lists both frogs as common – they are both easy to obtain.

The hard part is catching Flik.

I thought Lil Timmy was a fast runner until I met Flik.  This kid can travel fast, and will not stop until you’ve managed to click on him a few times.  The first few clicks will slow him down and then you have to move fast to click a few more times to actually get him to stop.

Once he comes to a complete stop you’ll be able to purchase the items.

Here’s how I did it:

  • First, if you have any speed spells to make you move faster use them!  I used the Hunter’s Aspect of the Cheetah.
  • There is a fence with an opening between the Darkmoon Faire and Goldshire – park yourself on the left side beside the wagon (opposite side of the NPC)
  • I also used a “/tar Flik” in the Chat box to select Flik, but this might not be helpful
  • Flik will run past the fence, down into Goldshire, then back through the fence – this gives you two tries to catch him
  • When he runs past start clicking!  You will probably have to chase him a bit to get enough clicks to make him stop, but be patient – it took me about three tries to make him stop, and I was able to purchase a Wood Frog each time about 20 minutes apart.

Don’t forget you might also have some competition – nothing more sad than watching a pack of over-geared toons trying to catch the little frog vendor!

Darkmoon Faire Wood Frog

Darkmoon Faire Wood Frog

Pet Bombling, Obsidian Hatchling and the Winter Reindeer

I finally gathered up the materials to make the Pet Bombling (it is still Bind on Pickup until patch 3.3.3.)

Pet Bombling

Pet Bombling

I also noticed that the Obsidian Hatchling and Winter Reindeer were a reasonable price at the Auction House, so I purchased both of these pets.

Obsidian Hatchling

Obsidian Hatchling

I’m not a high enough level to get to Dalaran yet so if one of those pets is at the Auction House for just a few gold more than the vendor cost, I’ll pick it up.

There are usually quite a few Jingling Bells at the Auction House – but at prices that would wipe out my gold reserves.  I lucked out this weekend because one Jingling Bell was up for just a few gold so I snapped it up and got the Winter Reindeer.

I started playing WoW near the end of the Winter Veil event and missed a chance at getting the available pets.  The other three pets (Father Winter’s Helper, Tiny Snowman and Winter’s Little Helper are consistently high prices so I’ll wait until the next event rather than spend all my gold.

Winter Reindeer

Winter Reindeer

I’m particularly fond of the Winter Reindeer – sure, it’s decked out for Christmas but it’s quite a lovely model.

Unfortunately, one needs a Snowball reagent to summon it.  I purchased a stack of snowballs from the Auction House for about 1 gold thinking that was really an outrageous amount.  I checked a little later thinking I’d but a few more stacks and all the Snowballs listed were running about 100+ gold, so it looks as if my poor little Winter Reindeer won’t be coming out to play very often.

As an Engineer I could buy the schematic to make the Snowmaster 9000 and make my own snowballs, but the schematics listed were the same price or more than the snowballs.

I will probably just wait for the next event and stock up on snowballs….

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