Level 59

Horde Companion Pets

Since I haven’t had much success lately trying for dropped pets I decided to pick up a few common Horde pets at the Neutral Auction Houses in Booty Bay and Ratchet.

There were a few rare pets listed such as the White Snake and the Broomstick, but as expected, the prices were completely outrageous.  Fortunately a few common pets were (I suppose) a reasonable price so I picked up the Red, Silver and Golden Dragonhawk Hatchlings and a Cockroach.

Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling

Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling

The Dragonhawk Hatchlings were quite a nice surprise – very pretty with lovely wing-flapping animations.

They do follow a bit low, but maybe that’s because Horde characters are short or a Night Elf is just tall!

Cockroach Pet

Cockroach Pet

The Cockroach is well, a cockroach and does what I suppose are “cockroachy” things – waves it’s antennae, flap it’s wings, etc.

Not the “prettiest” pet but something you might want to bring along if you’re going through some of the darker areas such as Duskwood.

These pets were enough to get me the “Plenty of Pets” Achievement, so now I have 26/50 for the “Shop Smart, Shop Pet…Smart” Achievement for the “Stinker” skunk pet.

Hopefully the more common Horde snake pets will be available for purchase at one of the Neutral Auction Houses at some point.  Until then, back to grinding for the drops!

Lovely Dresses

The “Love is in the Air” Event is over in a few days and to be honest, I’ll be glad when it’s over!

It can be a long run out to Winterspring for the Daily Quest and I’ve been having trouble (believe it or not) finding suitable mobs within one or two points of my level to make “Lovely Charms” for the “Lovely Charm Bracelet” gifts.

I ran out of charms yesterday, and after a couple of hours had only enough charms for 2 bracelets before I decided to quit – enough is enough!

I did have quite a few Love Tokens so I thought I’d try one of the easier Achievements – “The Rocket’s Pink Glare”.  All you have to do is fire 10 Love Rockets in 20 seconds or less – easy!  I spent my Love Tokens on 10 rockets, fired them off and didn’t make it in time!

I can’t believe I wasn’t fast enough, but no Achievement so I spent my remaining tokens on another “Lovely Dress Box” hoping for a Lovely Blue Dress but I got another Lovely Purple Dress.

This makes 3 Lovely Black Dresses, 3 Lovely Purple Dresses, and 3 Lovely Red Dresses.

I’m beginning to suspect that it is not the Lovely Black Dress that is supposedly “uncommon”, but the elusive Lovely Blue Dress!

Sure, it’s the Lovely Black Dress that gets the Achievement, but where are all the Lovely Blue Dresses?  I’ve only seen them at the Auction House over-priced for what they are – simply cosmetic.

I’ll keep one of each color but I don’t need duplicates taking up valuable Bank slots so I’ll try to sell them cheap at the Auction House.

Anyone have a Lovely Blue Dress to trade?