Mechanical Chicken Companion Pet

Well, I was able to successfully complete all three quests with the help of my Warrior pal and received the Mechanical Chicken as a reward.

Mechanical Chicken

Mechanical Chicken

It’s actually quite colorful and looks fun running along, pecking for food, etc.

Mechanical Chicken Companion Pet

Mechanical Chicken Companion Pet

I also managed to catch a 19-lb Catfish that can be used off-hand.  Although it doesn’t have any “fighting” stats it might look fun wielding it with another one-handed weapon.

19-lb Catfish

19-lb Catfish

Schematic: Mechanical Dragonling

I managed to find the “secret” path in Stranglethorn Vale up to the Engineer Gnome who sells the Schematic: Mechanical Dragonling – a “must-have” for any Engineer!  Fortunately this time-limited schematic was available when I finally found the camp, along with another schematic for a scope.

I think I just about have all the components for the Mechanical Dragonling – just need to bump that Engineering skill up to 200 – hopefully within the next day or two.

Alterac Valley and More Baby Boy Drama

I decided to try another battleground to get some experience and picked up a couple of related quests before going in.

When the group was waiting at the gates getting ready, doing buffs, etc. suddenly several people were reported AFK (Away From Keyboard) including myself.

Now, I was not AFK but a few people who were reported suddenly exited from the Battleground.  The person who was doing the reporting started typing about how he was tricking the “Noobs” to leave and making a big joke about it.

I had already read this article so I knew what was going on – the self-proclaimed “leader” was trying to get players to quit and no, it didn’t work on me.

I was getting ready to report this idiot for abuse myself when the gates opened and battle was on, so I decided to let it go for now.

Interestingly enough, this so-called “leader” spent most of time typing “NOOB” and other abusive garbage rather than concentrating on the battle.  As a testament to his leadership (and stupidity), we lost.  I suspect we would have done better if the “Noobs” had stayed in the battle and Baby Boy got group-kicked instead.

It wasn’t a total waste of time for me because I managed to get a few more Achievements (working on my own rather than paying attention to the Baby Boy Drama) and completed one of the Quests that gave me a nice bow upgrade.

However, it got me thinking about how this would play out in the Real World:

New Employee has an Orientation meeting scheduled, and Soon-To-Be-Fired-Employee sends New Employee a text message pretending he’s the boss and telling New Employee the meeting has been canceled.

New Employee reads message and goes back to his office, then Soon-To-Be-Fired-Employee sends the boss a text message about how New Employee didn’t show up for the meeting.

Now, if you think this is funny and something you would like to try where you work, then you might want to watch your back because this type of behavior is not tolerated and you can be easily replaced in a second.

So if you’re starting a battleground and get reported AFK:

1.  Report the person who reported you for abuse
2.  Put him on ignore

I understand the reasoning for reporting AFK, but it’s just being abused by some Baby Boy Dramas who think they own the game – they don’t.

If you pay your fees you have every right to play, and if some Baby Boy Drama doesn’t like it then perhaps they would be better off playing something like Pong.

And to all the Baby Boy Dramas out there – it’s not your game and people can play however they wish – get over yourself or get out.