Level 58

New Profession – Engineering

After carefully considering all the advice given in various places about Hunter professions, I took up Leatherworking and Skinning.

Now these are a good match for a Hunter until about level 40 when one can start wearing mail armor if (and this is the big if) you level it up rather quickly so that the armor you can make actually can be used before you “out-level” it.

I had already maxed out Skinning at 300 and had just reached the point in Leatherworking where I could make the Dragonscale, Elemental or Tribal armor when suddenly it turns out that none of these are really of any great use to a Hunter.  I believe it is the Elemental specialization that provides the much-needed Agility and/or Stamina points, but at this point one can already find better armor with better stats.

The only other Leatherworking item that seems useful are the drums for raids, but that’s a lot of time/money invested for one item that might or might not be worth the investment.

So, painful as it was, I dropped Leatherworking and took up Engineering.

Mining is the best match for Engineering since it requires metal bars, stones, etc. but I really didn’t want to spend time leveling two new professions.  Fortunately my Warrior friend has Blacksmithing/Mining so I was able to get the majority of stones and metal bars I needed to level Engineering quickly for free.

It only took about a day to level Engineering to 195 using the WoW Engineering Guide and buying the extra materials I needed from the Auction House.

Note:  If you are using the profession leveling guides, do not go out and purchase all the materials suggested at one time.  Buy a few at a time and only purchase additional materials if you need them.  For example, I only needed 40 Solid Stone to get to 195, not 180 – quite a saving!

The only trouble I had was getting from 194 to 195 – I think that one point cost more than getting to 194 as most of the simple recipes had turned green and did not give that one last point I needed to purchase the next recipe.

I’ve only taken a cursory look at some of the Engineering toys but it appears that they would be more beneficial to a Hunter leveling up than Leatherworking along with the advantage of making better arrows.

I’ll keep Skinning for now since I’m at the point where it will still make money at the Auction House plus I will still need Leather for some Engineering recipes and my Blacksmith buddy also uses it so between the two of us we have Blacksmithing, Mining, Engineering and Skinning covered.

The one downside to Engineering compared with Leatherworking – you must be near an anvil to create just about everything.  Leatherworking allows you to make any pattern anywhere if you have the materials with you, but Engineering will find you running around looking for an anvil.  Fortunately they are everywhere but it’s a bit of a nuisance.

The bottom line – I will go against the conventional advice of the Leatherworking profession for Hunters and instead recommend Engineering with Mining – start early and level it up as quick as you can!

The other Engineering advantage is that there are a few Companion Pets that can be made by Engineers.  I had already started the quest chain for the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti but I’ve set it aside for now until I reach Engineering 250 so I can get the plans.

Deadmines Revisited

A lot of linen and wool cloth is required for the Engineering leveling guide, and the quickest place to get it is the Deadmines.

I had already soloed the Deadmines a couple of times trying unsuccessfully for the Siamese Cat, so I ran it twice again for the linen, wool cloth and a few copper and tin ore drops my Blacksmithing friend could turn into bars for me.

The third time I ran it someone had already been through the mine before the instance so there wasn’t a lot left for cloth drops, but in the instance I was surprised to get the Parrot Cage (Green Wing Macaw).

Parrot Cage (Green Wing Macaw)

Parrot Cage (Green Wing Macaw)

This is supposed to be a common drop but the first and only time I’ve seen it so I’m happy to get it – much better than buying it from the Auction House!

Green Wing Macaw Companion Pet

Green Wing Macaw Companion Pet

Since I needed more wool cloth and ore, I ran the Deadmines a fourth time and low and behold!  I got the Siamese Cat drop from Cookie!

Cat Carrier (Siamese)

Cat Carrier (Siamese)

This is definitely one of my favorite cats.  I had resigned myself to just purchasing it when I got to Dalaran, but it’s much more exciting to get it as a drop then from a vendor.

Siamese Cat Companion Pet

Siamese Cat Companion Pet

If my luck holds out I just might make the Plethora of Pets Achievement – four more to go!

The Mechanical Chicken

This is obtained by completing three “escort-type” quests.  The catch is the starting quests are “beacons” dropped from mobs in three areas indicated by the last two letters in the quest titles.

  • Rescue OOX-22/FE! dropped in Ferelas
  • Rescue OOX-17/TN! dropped in Tanaris
  • Rescue OOX-09/HL! dropped in Hinterlands

Getting the drops in Ferelas and Tanaris is easy – the beacons seem to drop from just about every mob (although you can only have one of each) so those are no problem.

The Hinterlands drop is not so easy.  I completed just about every quest there without one drop.  I was keeping the other two until I had all three even though the quests have already turned grey.  Last night I went back to the Hinterlands just to get that last, elusive quest and spent about an half an hour killing mobs until I finally got the drop from Vicious Owlbeast.

I probably could solo this at level 58, but I decided not to take any chances and enlisted my Warrior pal to assist.  I’m not certain if the quest fails if one has to start over with a beacon drop or not and I sure didn’t want to spend more time just searching for the beacon.

The quest went well, the chicken escaped so hopefully I will have time tonight to finish the other two quests and get my Mechanical Chicken.

Lovely Black Dress Update: So far I’ve found 3 black, 2 red and 2 purple – I’m beginning to suspect the Lovely Blue Dress is the most uncommon…..