Level 52

Sprite Darter Hatchling Companion Pet

Fortunately, I found a few Elixirs of Fortitude at the AH that were just a few gold, so I was able to complete the “Becoming a Parent” Quest chain and got my Sprite Darter Hatchling pet.

Sprite Darter Egg

Sprite Darter Egg

It’s quite an easy quest – a little long with a lot of running around, but definitely worth the time if you like Companion Pets.  If you plan it out in advance, you can probably complete several quests while working on this one.

I recommend reading and following the Sprite Darter Hatchling Guide – the checklists alone are worth it – plus finding the starting quest can be a little difficult or easily missed!

Sprite Darter Hatchling Pet

Sprite Darter Hatchling Pet

I managed to finish up about twelve or fourteen quests at Aerie Peak, Feathermoon Stronghold and Thousand Needles while doing this quest – plan ahead!

I also had my Hearthstone set to Stormwind instead of Ironforge – still plenty of time to get to Aerie Peak before the quest timer ran out, just a little more expensive.

Sprite Darter Hatchling Pet

Sprite Darter Hatchling Pet


I’ve still been running around doing the Dailies during the “Love is in the Air” Event even though all I was really interested in was the Peddlefeet pet and I picked that up yesterday.

But the Cards might come in handy for an extra buff so it doesn’t take much time to pass around the Lovely Charm Bracelets and pick up some Love Tokens.  I did have a problem with the High Priestess – I had to drop off another quest item with her and then do the Lovely Charm Bracelet quest.

I’m sure that quest was completed (no more question marks) but I did not receive a card or any tokens – either it’s a glitch or she didn’t like my bracelet.  I even checked back with Peddlefeet to see if I had picked up the quest and I did, so I’m out 5 tokens for my trouble.

The Daily quest came as a bit of a surprise – it was in Winterspring this time instead of Aerie Peak.  Took me a few minutes to find out how to get there, and decided to do the Furbolg quest to gain access and reputation points.

Baby Boy Drama

At level 52 this wasn’t a problem – just took a little time to take them out one by one – the only problem was another higher level PvP player who kept taunting us or interfering with our kills looking for a fight.

Since it was quite late, I assume it was some kid up past his bedtime, or most likely, a loser player who wasn’t good enough to get into a Raid group (what I like to call Baby Boy Drama).

We just ignored him (yes, the odds are fairly good it’s a “him”) but he positioned himself right over a mob my Warrior pal was fighting, and the Warrior accidentally hit the kid and turned on his PvP.

So the kid kills him (yes little boy – you’re a big bad hero – that’s why you’re here instead of doing something really difficult) and while I’m waiting for my friend to run back from the graveyard, the kid is hanging around his corpse probably to kill him again when he ressurects.

He starts taunting me but I just keep ignoring him, moved a little further away from my friend’s corpse and continued killing the mobs.

The kid (obviously not a very bright kid) follows me and tries the same stunt to get me to hit him.  I suspected he would follow me and knew this would give my friend a chance to resurrect and heal up – worked like a charm.

We continue killing our mob quota with the kid still following us around but ignoring him eventually works (I also correctly predicted the kid would have a short attention span) and the kid goes away to bother someone else.

This is why I don’t like PvP – it’s one thing to fight another player at an equivalent level, but just starting a fight with someone several levels below you only means two things:

1.  You’re a lousy player and can’t play your class (everyone at your level already knows this and that’s why they won’t play with you.)

2.  You’re a coward.

There’s more than one reason you’re text is yellow…