Level 44

Yes, eventually you will find yourself sneaking through Horde territory to get somewhere to complete a quest.

I was trying to get to Thousand Needles and happened to pass by a Horde structure. The NPC guard attacked, but I was hoping to just ride through. Unfortunately he knocked me off my ride and I was forced to fight.

It wasn’t a particularly difficult fight, but out of nowhere a lvl 80 Horde player appears and before I knew what happened I was dead.

After the HRG (Humiliating Run from the Graveyard) I resurrected, the Horde player was still there and killed me again.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t believe killing a player 40 levels below you gets any Honor points or racks up your skill level, so unless I inadvertently stepped on some Horde flowers, there was no reason for the second attack.

I usually have PvP disabled so I’m guessing fighting the NPC switched it on making me a fair target.

But even if PvP is on killing a low-level player who didn’t attack you hardly makes you a hero.

If you want be a hero, then do something completely out of character like help the poor little guy.

My Warrior friend was fighting some mobs in Horde territory a couple of days ago, and a Horde player stopped to help him out. He still remembers the “Horde Hero” and speaks of him in glowing terms.

Me? I don’t even remember the player’s name or class who killed me a couple of times for no reason.

So…do you want to be remembered as a Hero or completely forgotten?

Something to think about….