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Pet Bombling, Lil’Smokey and an Oops Moment

The last time I was in Gnomeregan – about lvl 28 – all I remember is our group wiping so many times we finally took a vote and unanimously decided to quit for the day and try another time.

Nothing like mechanical birds pecking you to death, bombs going off everywhere and several graveyard runs to make working on your Fishing skills look particularly attractive.

Unfortunately we never did run Gnomeregan again and I haven’t thought much about it since then until I took up Engineering and remembered all the great “stuff” in there for the profession.

Gnomeregan also has the schematics for the Pet Bombling and Lil’ Smoky – two more companion pets for the Achievement.

Lil' Smoky Companion Pet

Lil' Smoky Companion Pet

So off I went to solo Gnomeregan to pick up a few materials and get the companion pet plans.

This time, at my level it was so ridiculously easy that I didn’t even bother looting anything except the Grime Encrusted Objects (about 20) that could be turned into nice materials at the Sparklematic 5200 in the Clean Room.

The Sparklematic 5200 costs 3s every time you clean a Grime Encrusted Object.  Not a lot now, but I remember back at level 28 this was a small fortune and I only had enough coin to clean about 2 or 3 objects.

The cost wasn’t an issue anymore and I picked up some useful materials:

  • 3 x copper ore
  • 3 x silver ore
  • 2 x tin ore
  • 3 x Tigerseye
  • 2 x Malachite
  • 1 x Small Lustrous Pearl
  • 1 x Iridescent Pearl
  • 1 x Shadow Gem
  • lead ore, a few stones

I also picked up a White Punch Card as somewhere along the way a punch card machine will give one the option of picking up the Pet Bombling schematic.

Everything was going smoothly until a message pops up on the screen:

Ammo needs to be in the paper doll slot before it can be fired

Huh?  I had two types of arrows in my quiver – Wicked Arrows and a few leftover Jagged Arrows.  I guess I had run out of Wicked Arrows and only had about 150 Jagged Arrows left – Ooops!

I was having a lot of fun clearing out mobs with Multi-shot, Volley and trying out different shot combinations and traps – now it didn’t seem so much fun anymore!

Not that I was in any danger but I didn’t want to completely run out of arrows because you never know who or what you might meet on the way back to town.

I decided not to bother with shooting anymore and just let the pet handle the “swarming” mobs.  I had to melee a couple of times but this was an opportunity to work on my two-handed weapon skill.

I wasted a couple of shots at the bosses and got my Pet Bombling schematic from one of the punch card machines.

I hadn’t seen the Lil’ Smoky schematic yet but when I went into the Engineering section it dropped from the first Arcane Nullifier X-21, so I was finished!

I didn’t have enough materials handy to make both pets, so I made the Lil’ Smoky pet first.

Unfortunately, once made Lil’ Smoky (and I believe the Pet Bombling) are Soulbound so they can’t be traded or sold.  Too bad as this would be a great way for Engineers to make a little gold selling to players working on their Pet Achievements or just for fun!

[Update: According to WoW Patch 3.3.3 PTR notes, these two pets will no longer be Bind on Pickup]

I was browsing schematics at the Auction House and one Schematic: Mechanical Squirrel was posted for a few gold so I snapped it up.  I believe the created boxes can be sold and selling a few will certainly pay for the schematic.  Since it’s a world drop it can be difficult to find since I don’t spend much time in the lower level areas anymore.

The Tranquil Mechanical Yeti can also be sold although the materials for it can be either a long time to farm or expensive to purchase at the Auction House.

Although one probably won’t get rich with the Engineering profession – it needs a serious upgrade as most schematics become useless at higher levels – having access to created pets certainly helps towards those achievements!

Note to self….Buy more Arrows!

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